Ergo Leather Small Hobo in Black

  1. Hi everyone. I saw the small belted sign ergo in the PPMall (Prov, RI) earlier this week and fell in love with the size, shape, and the fact that it's lightweight. So I ordered the small black leather ergo hobo. I can't wait to get it. I've regretted selling my small black leather soho hobo last year so this should make up for it. I passed on the ergos earlier this year thinking, "eh, ugly." But now I NEED a casual, easy to wear black leather bag. And I think this will fit the bill.

    I'm hoping I can fit a good amount of stuff in it as I don't carry a lot (mini wallet, mini skinny or LV cles, keys, phone, lipsticks/glosses (3), and maybe a small agenda).

    I wondered, Who has this bag and what do you think of it?
  2. i tried this and i couldnt get it over my shoulder w a coat on so i passed. i think it is v cute but a bit small.
  3. I think you could fit everything in it except for a small agenda (depending on HOW small).
  4. Thanks for the info.