Ergo leather question?

  1. Hi !
    I bought my very first coach the other day (yaaaay) and I must say the quality of these bags is just AWESOME! I bought the sig. ergo hobo....I guess it's the medium- ($268)

    However I noticed on my ergo there is a somwhat :"big" mark , kinda like a scratch,on the leather I am definetly going to exchange it later today.

    Do you know if the softer leather on these bags scratch more easy?

    I am totally loving coach, but need a bag that will hold me for awhile.
    I have 3 kiddo's, and a coach is a bit of a splurge for I want one that will hold up nicley till I get another. I do love the sig. patterns....but the leather's are nice also.

    I also got a soho wristlet which is adorable and am going to pick up a mini skinny today as well. Those will hold me till I can get a;)
    Oh I am also loooooving all the key chains you all are posting..OMG I see how the addiction starts!! LOL!

  2. Welcome to tPF!

    A lot of Coach's softer leathers do scratch easily, yes (there are posts on here about scratches on Ali's and on Ergo vintage leather). Supposedly it adds to the character of the bag. But it all depends on which leather you get. Certain kinds are less prone than others. I've noticed small scratches on the black leather handle of my Legacy bag, but they aren't noticible. They stick out much more on lighter leathers, IMO.
  3. Thanks!!! ;)
    I think I have read that the pebble leather holds up really nicley?
  4. The pebbled leather does very well if you can keep it clean. You have to be very wary of color transfer with it as well. If you get a black or other dark pebbled leather it should hold up beautifully though!
  5. Thanks!! I really liked it in the darker brown color...not sure of the exact name...