Ergo leather on Rose...

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  1. ...This might be a stupid question, but I called yesterday and put the rose ergo wristlet on hold. When I went in to pick it up I was ordering something else too and didn't pay attention the wristlet, which she already had wrapped up. I just pulled it out of the bag this morning to look at and i am disappointed. I don't know if I got a fluke "off" one or if they all look like this but it looks VERY broken in and pebbly (almost dirty), rather than smooth with a nice sheen to it (which is how it appears on the website and in a post that I think ChristyLou posted with hers).

    Do they all look like this or did I indeed get one that is off looking? I remember when i called yesterday they only had one so I am debating on whether I should try driving to another Coach 45 minutes away or if i should just return it b/c its not what I expected. :confused1:
  2. I think the rose does have a somewhat pebbly texture, but if it were me and I was not happy---I would either exchange it or return it.

    Take care,
  3. Very odd. Mine is definitely not pebbly or broken in looking. It actually is really close to the one pictured on the Coach site, except it isn't as shiny, mine is more matte. I would make sure they have another one in and then exchange it. Sounds like you may have gotten a defective one.

    This is really my only complaint with Coach. I want to see the exact item I'm buying before I leave the store. When I bought my medium white pebbled ergo hobo, I had them box it up for me. When I got home, I excitedly opened it up and it was the wrong bag! I just wonder how often this happens.
  4. Sorry to hear that it was such a let-down. But if you don't like it now and it already bothers you, you should definitely return it or it'll bug you even more later. A new purchase should make you happy, not upset. Maybe when you return it, something else will catch your eye. Hope it all works out for you.
  5. I hear you! I don't like their system of having the customer place the order and pay, and then they just hand you the item sight unseen.

    They should have no problems letting you look at the exact thing you're buying if you just ask them. I can't see them having problems with that. Not like your hands are full of jam or something! :P
  6. Thanks this is really helpful. I wasn't sure if I was just expecting something different and that is the way they all were but I went back and was trying to look at the picture of yours and it definitely looked smoother. Matter of fact, it was your post that turned me on to it:P. I did call this morning and they said they all look kinda pebbly, but I am telling you, this looks ROUGH! I am going to go ahead and drive out and take a look at what they have in person and make them show me all of them until I see one I like. If I don't find one, I guess I will just return it which sucks b/c I would have gotten something else with my PCE.

    I agree, this whole leaving the store thing w/out looking at the merchandise is getting ridiculous. A few weeks ago, they sold me a scarf right off the floor (I had no idea until I got home) that was all wrinkled and had the tag hanging off on one side. I just ended up returning it the next day. Also, the last two things i have ORDERED from JAX have come with scratches on it. Its just been one let down after another the last few weeks:tdown:
  7. ^^It definitely doesn't have a sheen to it, I was holding it last night and it is matte. My SA said the pleated ergos are made with lightweight vintage leather so maybe that's why it had that effect to it. I was holding a brand new one and it looked a little like how you described yours!! HTH
  8. I had to chime in about leaving the store without seeing merchandise....I left the store with my package one day, got home opened it to find out they gave me a small bag when I paid for the large! It was just a hassle to go back and exchange. Why can't we see the item going into the bag to make sure its correct and meets our satisfaction???
  9. Oh, and another thing BAMB..I always have my SA order my things straight from JAX even if the boutique has them in stock. I am way picky like that! But I agree, I have gotten some things that are scratched too that are brand new. I am just going to not look so hard for imperfections like I always do:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  10. OK, I don't have the wristlet, but I can complain with you! Last time I was in Ann Arbor they sold me a bag and didn't include any tags with it, same with my wallet & sunglasses. Usually they remove all that and place it somewhere, like with your receipt or inside the bag. THEN, I placed a phone order and got the Heritage Stripe Make-up Case, they didn't demagnetize it, so everywhere I went I set the secuirty thingies off... THEN I ordered a scarf from JAX, then sent me the wrong one, and the topper was two days ago my snow boots came (after waiting a wekk and a half because SURPRISE! they didn't release the order again and I had to call) in a size 7 box, but were actually a size 6.5. What the heck is going on?

    I can't believe they would give you a "shop-worn" wristlet... yuck! I hope you can find one that's in better shape! At least know, you're not alone I guess! :rolleyes:
  11. You know, I have been having that happen a lot lately where they give me a bag and the tag is not attached too. It's frustrating b/c if you decide to return it, you don't know what to do. Matter of fact, I bought the Bleecker Patent Clutch about a month or so ago from the Ann Arbor store and it did not have a tag. I have yet to decide if I really "need" it or not, but I kinda feel like i am just stuck with it either way.

    Man your streak of bad luck has been as bad as mine!:nuts:
  12. Now that is just plain dumb on someone's part! That would be REALLY annoying. Did they hassle you on it like you were trying to pull something?? I sure hope not!
  13. The problem with that is that i have been getting more defective stuff from JAX then the boutique:tdown: I am awaiting the Hamptons Vintage clutch so lets hope that shows up in good shape.