Ergo Leather Large Tote!!

  1. It's here!!!

    Introducing my new Camel Ergo Leather Tote...:love:


    The back:

    The dogleash clasp:

    Beautiful Legacy interior:

    Stuff inside:

    On my shoulder...I'm smiling because my husband is making fun of me taking pics. And yes I have on PJs so don't talk about my outfit!

    Legacy SA said the Carly is part of the Legacy collection, so I'm adding it.
  2. It is stunning!!! Looks beautiful on you. Congrats!
  3. yay!! it holds alot more than i thought!
    its super cute
    love it!!
  4. i absulutely LOVE the color. Congrats.
  5. Congrats! Looks great on you! :heart:
  6. Very pretty - I LOVE that it has the stripe lining!
  7. I LOVE IT! that's the exact one i want. can you stick a notebook inside yours? would it be a tight squeeze?
  8. Too nice! Looks fantastic on you!
  9. OMG, I love that bag and it looks fabulous on you! I love your other collection too! Congrats and wear it in good health! :smile:
  10. It's just beautiful! Congratulations!
  11. Rock on! Congratulations! Your bags are beautiful. Enjoy them all in good health.
  12. Blackbutterfly, I appreciate you're photos. That is a great bag. Great size. It looks like it belongs on you! Enjoy it!
  13. Great photos! Congrats on the happy family:nuts:
  14. Wow! That's beautiful! Congratulations!

    I have to admit the Ergo didn't interest me until I saw the pic of you with it!

    Now I want it, too! :love:
  15. I love it and it looks perfect on you even in your PJ's! I want it! Thank you for posting pics!