Ergo Leather at Dillards

  1. BTW, I saw the large leather Ergo bags at Dillards. Many colors. Tampa, FL
  2. OH, cool!!! I wonder if they'll have the Ergo in leather at Macy's! That's what I'm really hoping because I have a large store credit with them and want to use it on an Ergo!
  3. I was in Macys too, I didn't see them there though! Call!
  4. I've never called to inquire about handbags at Macy's before! Dumb question but should I call their 800 number and ask them rather than start calling individual stores?
  5. I'd call the individual stores, and then ask for handbags and then the Coach counter.

    Then ask if they have any of the individual styles you are looking for.
  6. Isn't it just the stupidist thing to be intimidated by making phone calls!? But I think I'll give it a shot! I'm snowed in anyway! LOL!
  7. I saw a leather ergo today at a Macy's that doesn't even carry Coach. Must have been a return.
  8. That's it then! I gotta do some calling tomorrow! Thanks!

    Edit: Anyone know if Macy's in San Francisco has the leather Ergo? I'm assuming the one on O'Farrell St. is the biggest one? I thought I might have the best chance with them.
  9. I guess I'll be going to some stores tomorrow then. *L* I really want to try the large ergo on before I decide if I'll buy one or not.

  10. ...many colors you say!!!!!!!!!
  11. macy's at lenox still has the pilot ones...
  12. No! I can be like that too! It's better to just start dialing the number and not think of it:yes: can do it!
  13. I've been calling and calling and no luck! The Macy's at Lenox has one on hold and if that person doesn't show up then it's mine. I called Macy's SF and they only have the small ones and Macy's at Herald's Square told me that they didn't have any because they were last season's! Hello? Anyway, I didn't argue with her, they didn't have it. I called a couple other Macy's but they don't carry Coach. Any other ideas?