ergo large hobo too...large?

  1. I love the patent hobo, which is obvious to my previous thread, but I've been thinking, is it too large for me? I'm only 5 5" at the most, and what bothered me was how long the straps were, but I loved the bag so much I could easily live with it, now I'm just debating if it's too big for me and whether I should wait till June.. Anyone have the leather one for a bit and enjoy it?
  2. It's a big one - you gotta love it big! I have only seen it modeled tucked onto the model's back vertically. That seems to be the way Coach likes to photograph those hobos.
  3. Aarti:

    I have the Ergo Turquoise Hobo in Leather and do love it. Handbag Ashley has it as well. The large leather Hobo does not lay the same way as the Patent leather Ergo Hobo. The straps are the same size but the Patent leather is softer and the leather gives so the bag slouches more than the Leather one. I am considering getting the Red Patent Leather one but I think that the bag is expensive for Patent leather. I mean it is a thinner leather. I did buy the Ergo Vachetta Vintage Hobo for Macy's F & F and I do love this bag and I know it will slouch more than the regular leather one. I am 5' 2 1/2" and I don't find the straps on the patent leather Ergo too long at all. I tried on the black patent version at a Flagship store last week and I did like it but I thought it was a bit shiny/flashy, so I an not too sure about it. I may wait until the Fall.

    Why don't you get it, go home and put your stuff in it and see how it feels. If you don't totally love it you can return it. Good Luck deciding.

  4. ^^That is a good idea. I LOVE patent leather.. but in small accessories like vernis. But I do love this patent for everyday, because its like a matte patent, not a shiny patent KWIM?
  5. Aarti:

    I am going to go and order the Red Patent Leather Ergo
    Hobo on Monday too. If I don't like it I will just return it and wait to see what comes out.

  6. aarti...even *i* thought the large hobo was too big. and i'm bigger than you are (taller and weight-wise, lol).
  7. i dont think it would be too big but i do love big bags
  8. I'm 5'7 and can totally wear this bag, however I do prefer my bags on the larger size.