Ergo keychain worth it?

  1. Went to Coach boutique today to see new stuff and buy the Watercolor stripe tote I have been wanting. ( Ended up buying the large hobo instead) Also bought the ergo keyfob
    Now I'm wandering if I should take it back and get the watercolor mini skinny instead?
    They are the same price and even though the ergo is soooo cute, the mini skinny just seems more practical.
    Sorry about the links, my camera is not cooperating:push:
  2. I'd get the mini skinny! Just because I love them and I'm going to buy the multicolor stripe one ASAP!:yes:
  3. Get whatever you think works for you!

    Personally, I have the Ergo Keychain and love it!
  4. I bought the Ergo Keyfob in Turquoise and I sort of regret it now. It's very cute, but impractical for me. I say go for the mini skinny.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  5. i've got two of the ergo keychains. totally worth it. :cool:
  6. The skinny is cute and useful, while the keyfob is just cute. Go for the skinny!
  7. the ergo keychain is so cute! hehe a minature bag.
    i could see what you're saying by how the miniskinny is more practical, so get that instead, it's still very very cute
  8. i think so!

    i love the ergo but the hobo doesn't look quite right on me (the biggest one, seeing as how i can't live without have my junk with me)

    so i settled for the keyfob in white and i love it

    disregarding my manager's comment about how bulky it is i love that part because i have my keys in there!

    the outside keychain i was going to cut it off, so that the circle part where it used to be i can loop a charm through (using a gold chain that they usually use to hang the hangtag on)

    but! for now i just extended the keychain part, so i can use the clip attached to my (non coach bag) to keep it in place

    its really adorable IMo, I had a little bit of regret after getting it because i didn't know what to do, but now that i made use

    it's another cute accessory to keep my bag organized!
  9. :huh:ohhh i love the watercolor miniskinny but i almost never use that line i think i'm going to get the oblong scarf and/or wristlet.

    did anyone see the flower in orange with white leather trim with khaki signature bkgd mini skinny and wallet? soooooo cute. i think that pattern would make me break down and get my first mini skinny.

    i kid you not, i love orange and white. it's perfect

    also the signature stripe collection....with the rainbow stripe? cuteeeeee..i remember seeing this and reporting it to tpf but i didn't know they'd have a mini skinny of it!

    so many cute accessories! decisons decisons...
  10. ^^^ Good idea! I think I would like it more, if it were a charm. I just don't like bulky key chains, but I love the idea that it's a little purse.:yes:
  11. i think its SO cute! i have the pink one hanging on my ergo tote and its so cute

    My feeling on mini skinnys is once i have a few i dont need anymore so if you already have one or 2 i would for sure keep the keychain
    Heck they arent that much GET BOTH!! hehe

    (i tend to use mini skinnys for $ or cards and i find when i transfer $ and cards from place to place i loose stuff haha so i cant have more then 1 or 2)

  12. i feel stupid :sad: im confused i dont get what you mean! :smile:
  13. I agree with handbglver...

    Get whatever you think works for you! :yes:

    I have the Ergo Handbag Keyfob in pink and I love it! I currently have it attached to my khaki Ergo Sig Tote but I switch it to my black Ergo Sig Tote when I switch out bags... I have received so many compliments on it! It is SO CUTE! Too bad I'm on this supposed ban... I wish I could get all three colors! :graucho:
  14. Oh, and I don't have anything in it... I was originally going to carry my Chapstick in it but I don't want to risk messing up the cute Legacy stripe lining...
  15. i wish my desktop mac worked so i can take pics and show you.

    let me see if i can explain myself better (because seriously when i talk in real life i talk in tangents as well and pple get confused :lol: but it's only when i'm excited)

    on the side of the ergo bag keyfob, there's a chain attached to the bag, and that chain, with the circle for your keys, is attached through a small hole, if you take the chain out and detach it, you can loop anything through you want

    including those chain that coach normally uses for the hangtags on bags

    if you ask your local coach store they have extra chains in the back usually, super thin, in gold or silver, in case a customer asks (if the hangtag with chain on their bag is missing kwim?)

    so using those chain (which you can cut to shorten the length) you can add charms

    i have a solid gold heart, small, from a box of godiva chocolate i got at a well as those small hello kitty charms that are for charm bracelets?

    those would work too


    i hope that's better