Ergo is here...but I'm a little iffy about her!!

  1. Okay, so my small black sig Ergo came today and I practically clawed the box open. She's really pretty...I love the shape and everything. But the bag sits RIGHT under my armpit. Now most of you know, I'm not teeny tiny but I can pull off the smaller bags. I'm just not sure how I feel about her. I think I'd feel pretty bad sending her back since I LOVE her look--I really do. Do all the Ergos sit right up under the armpit? I know I'd have a hard time wearing it with a huge coat but it also looks really cute being carried in the crook of my arm or even in my hand. There's more than enough room to carry my stuff. The bag is practically empty because I don't have many things that I carry with me. So going up a size wouldn't be practical for me. And I just got such a great discount since I got it during PCE--I think I paid 148 instead of the regular 198.

    How do you girls feel about your Ergo's? Do they sit right under your armpit?
  2. I haven't looked at the small ones but the medium size is on the small size so I'm not surprised about the strap! I think maybe you should exchange for the medium size and maybe u can still get a PCE discount?
  3. I have a medium and I love it.

    It's just the right size and doesn't sit right under my armpit, it fits really well.
  4. You should exchange for the medium, it sits better on the shoulder. :tup:

  5. But I'm thinking it would be a waste of money since I really have nothing to put in the small to begin with? I usually only carry keys, a wallet, cell phone and checkbook.
  6. I would also suggest the medium I am not a small girl and it sits just perfectly and really its not that much bigger then the small and yet so much more practical another nice thing is even if you don't fill it it still keeps its nice shape and who cares if you just have a few things :smile: if it means having a more practical fit I would go with it! :smile:
  7. I have a medium and I love the size and fit. I carry very little but it still fits nicely and I dont feel as though its empty.
  8. I suppose you're right girls. It's just SO much more money than what I paid for the small and I'm not sure if I can do it. It's 200 with the PCE discount and the small was only 148...that's a big difference! I know it's going on a credit card and I'll be able to pay it off in installments but I'm not sure..I feel like I'll be backing myself into a corner if I go for the medium. Ugh, I'm just so torn.
  9. Could you get the medium, try it out, and then return it if you don't love it? Then at least you'll know for sure....
  10. I could, but then I'd have to find a ride to one of the boutiques again to exchange it and I feel bad asking somebody to do that for me. My grandparents are driving me tomorrow to return the small since it has a popped stitch (I think we're going to the one in Ardmore instead of Philly now), so I know asking them to do that for me again is out of the question. I'm really hoping they'll have it in the store but they probably don't.
  11. I don't carry much either (wallet, cell, keys) but I've found I much prefer the medium. It sits REALLY well, and if I do need to add extra (a water bottle, my camera) I can fit it nicely. Plus it slouches so well. Go for the medium! You won't regret it.
  12. I've been mulling it over and calculated the difference to be only 60 dollars or so. I called the store I ordered the small from and - get this - they apparently have BOTH the small and medium. When I ordered last week they didn't have any!! I told the girl to put a medium aside for me but I'm thinking maybe she thought I said the regular leather instead of signature. If that's the case, I'm going to be peeved. But anyway, I would love to come home tomorrow with the bag I want intstead of waiting over the weekend like I ALWAYS have to do whenever I want a bag. I swear, every single Coach item I've ever had to order, I've done it on a friday or saturday. I hate having to wait, I just want it the day I go for it, damnit!

    I seriously don't have the money for this but I guess that's what credit cards are for. A couple extra payments of 10.00 a month should be okay I guess. The things I do for Coach. My grandmother says I'm insane, She can't justify spending that much on a bag. Maybe when she goes with me tomorrow things will change ;)
  13. I tried on a small and wasn't nuts about the fit or the size.
  14. My grandma thinks I'm insane too. lol. Although she really likes my medium black sig carly and she really likes the turquoise ergo....:shrugs:I think she is starting to like Coach more, but I do know that she would never pay over 50 bucks for a purse. lol.

    oh btw, go with the medium! I have it in white leather and it is the perfect size and the slouch is awesome.