ERGO hunting...come vote & voice your opinion!

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I think you should get THIS Ergo!!!

  1. Black patent hobo!!! Absolute classic!!!

  2. Pink patent kisslock satchel, so lady like!

  3. Magenta Convertible, what a great fall color!!!

  4. I vote PINK but hold out for the darker pink!!!

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  1. Own the black leather Ergo tote in medium with legacy lining. I like it OK but it's a tad boring for me. Here are the bags I'm considering, if you own it tell me what you like/dislike.

    I'm OK with all of these options size wise (except the magenta convertible) I'm a lil' bit iffy.

    I'd love to have a black patent bag and am leaning towards the XL black patent ergo hobo #11009.

    Here's the list...and the pic's!!!

    1. Black patent Ergo hobo XL 11009 17 X 11 X 4
    2. Pink patent Ergo satchel 12520 15 X 9 X 5
    3. Magenta Ergo Convertible 12250 15 X 14 X 2

    ***If I would decide on the pink, chances are I'd hold out for the brighter pink, and I already have the magenta leather Madison shoulder. I also already have TON'S of black bags, but the only patent is my inlaid Peyton and she just comes out for good. I think the black patent hobo would be perfection for everyday fall/winter use!!!

  2. It didn't upload my PIC'S!!! Hmph!

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  3. Black patent! I have this type of Ergo hobo in vachetta and it's my favorite bag!
  4. sucker for the magenta/purple family- love the shape!!!
  5. I have always wanted the large Ergo hobo in black patent!!!! So, I'm biased and voted for that. ;)
  6. Am using a large Ergo hobo in normal leather - it's humongous but oh-so-light & soft :love:
  7. The Ergo hobo is a thing of beauty and a joy to own and use. Definitely go for the black patent. I own one and love it. It's a classic that works with everything.
  8. I am loving my Black Patent Ergo Hobo in large. It is a go to bag for me.
  9. I've had all 3 bags and love the satchel the best. I actually didn't end up liking the hobo at all. I like the ability to wear the ergo convertible 3 different ways and think it is the most unique. Good luck with your decision!
  10. While I don't have the Ergo hobo that's on your list, I do have the Ergo tote you described as also having (in about 6 colors/finishes-reg. leather and patent...can you tell I am rather partial to that style?? LOL!) and I also have the Ergo convertible (only in the natural/tan(?) color and the Ergo Satchel (in pink patent, navy patent and tan patent).

    I'm not too wild about the convertible anymore because I feel like it only looks right worn cross-body and I don't often have a need to wear a cross-body bag. I also love the Ergo framed satchel for organization but I feel like my arm sticks out akwardly when I'm wearing it and it also tends to fall off my shoulder a lot, so I am also voting for the Black Patent Ergo hobo. The Ergo line is def. one of my favorites!
  11. I LOVE the Ergo totes....have 2...the large black leather w/the gorgeous giant turnlock and the medium patent pond...I would go with the the Ergo tote/hobo line...:heart:
  12. I'm no help- I love all things Ergo! Right now I'm using that same tote, too!
    Sounds like you're leaning towards the large hobo in patent so go for it.
  13. I have a Ergo hobo black on black sig and it is my go to bag in the fall/winter when weather is bad. It is a great bag that holds alot and sits on the shoulder nicely. I also have the satchel in mahogany. I like that there are different sections but does not always stay on the shoulder.
  14. I personally like the Ergo framed satchel. I have 2 and LOVE them! I also have the hobo in the brown patent, it's nice but I love the satchels better :biggrin:
  15. i vote for the kiss lock satchel. it is such a cute bag. my second choice is the black patent leather hobo.