ergo hobo?!

  1. I can't seem to find any modeling pics of the ergo hobo except for mommyville's.. just wondering if anyone can lead me in the right direction and/or be kind enough to post a few?!? I am looking at the chocolate siggy or the khaki siggy, the newer one with the lower drop. style # 11290
    Any enabling is greatly appreciated!!! :graucho: TIA!!!! :tup:
  2. I only have a large patent leather it wears differently than the signature, but I'll take some modeling pics tonight if you still want to see the differences.
  3. WTF??? Mine aren't "good enough" for you????!!!! :p:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
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  6. That is really sweet of you, thanks. I would like to see this exact style though since I know they will look different.. thanks so much though! :tup:
  7. UH-OH!!!! There's about to be a what? A Bag fight!!!! :bagslap::bagslap:
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    You know I love you girl!!!!! :love:
  8. I KNOW!!!!!! and I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!! :heart::love:
  9. Mommyville VS. fieldsinspring:boxing::bagslap::boxing:...

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  10. Fields -
    what look are you looking for with the ergo hobo??? Slouchy, structured yet comfortable, etc?
    The signature is a lot stiffer and is very light and comfortable, but takes time to get the slouch. The leather would probably accomplish that look sooner. But definitely the chocolate signature looks so pretty in this style :smile:
  11. who knows :shrugs: :p I guess just something smaller, lighter and not hard to maintain, and on sale!!!! :yahoo: :p
  12. anyone :cry:
  13. I only have the scarf print ergo, which i believe is a medium size, but i don't know about the drop length. I'll post anyways. Hope it kinda helps.:confused1:

  14. I have the medium sig hobo that I can take pictures of. I'm going out tonight but maybe afterwards I can get some up here for you.
  15. i double posted.. oops