ergo hobo straps

  1. so i tried a medium ergo hobo at lunch. the strap kept slipping around and sliding . is this normal? i really wanted the small but it isnt available here. is the strap smaller? was that the problem?
  2. I have a medium Ergo Hobo and I don't have any issues at all with the strap. I think once it has stuff in it, it doesn't move. It's the most comfortable bag I own.
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  4. I have three different Ergo Hobos and have never had any slippage problems. As Alatrop said, they are the most comfortable bags I own. These bags are so light weight that I have noticed that the more stuff I have in the bag, the better it hangs.
  5. I had one and returned it but I think the strap sits kind of high until you put your wallet and stuff in it... then it will hang better and not slip off.. maybe go back and put your things in it at the boutique and see what happens. :tup:
  6. I only have large ergos but they do not slip off my shoulders and are my most comfortable bags to carry as well.
  7. I agree with everyone. I think you need to have the bag filled up for it to hang correctly and not slip. I did go to a store and try it on without stuff in it and it was very slipable....LOL....just made that word up:graucho::p
  8. thanks all!
  9. I came up with a solution to keep my Carly on my shoulder. I was at Walgreen's and saw these:


    I placed a strip on the underside of the strap -- it's not at all noticeable since they are clear and no more slipping!
    - Angie
  10. I have a medium and I don't have that problem. As others have said,it's THE most comfortable bag I own.