Ergo Hobo Owners!!!!!

  1. Which way do you carry your ergo hobo? With the cute little button facing IN toward you as the BACK of the bag w/ the plain side of the bag showing as the front, or the button facing OUT as the FRONT of the bag???? I have been carrying mine w/ the button facing OUT as the front of my bag (like my avatar), but today I saw 2 women w/ the plain side as the front of the bag and it looked REALLY CUTE TOO!!!! Just curious how you all wear this bag!!!!!
  2. I don't own one but, if I did, I'd carry it button out because it's just a cute little detail that I wouldn't want to hide against my ribcage. I think the back is just too plain...
  3. I have a belted ergo (just got it today!) so I dont have the exact same bag, but I would carry it in (hiding it), I just like it better that way.
  4. I carry it with the buttonside against my side.. because when I reach into my purse to get my cellphone it's in a comfortable angle for me to aim for and not trying to reach my hand around to the other side. XD!
  5. i wear it out. never really paid attention to why
  6. YES!!!! YOU!!!! I saw YOUR picture of your beautiful new black signature ergo hobo w/ the plain side facing out w/ your beautiful scarf on her and she looked FABULOUS!!!!! When I saw THAT picture, I REALLY liked the plain side w/o the button facing out!!! And then today I saw 2 women carrying it w/ the plain side facing out as well, and REALLY liked the look!!!!! GREAT job w/ your purchase and pic!!! :tup:
  7. Me neither til I saw Monokuro's picture of HERS, AND two women today wearing it w/ the plain side out as well!!!!!
  8. Wahh! Your totally sweet and awesome!! xD Thank you for the lovely comments!! I'm really in love my new purchase! ^^; :yahoo::wlae:
  9. I would wear it with the button out, to me that is a cute detail that is fun to show, and it can hold your cell phone or something.. some people just throw their bag on, especially after paying or something, and don't always arrange it every time, so some of the women you saw may have done that.. I guess it's just preference.. to m it would look backwards with the pocket/button on the inside. :shrugs:
  10. I have 6 large Ergo hobos and they all have a turnlock on the pocket. I wear them facing out because I think the hardware and the pocket is attractive. I would feel the same way about an Ergo with the snap. The bottom line is wear it the way it makes you happy because the whole bag is beautiful!
  11. Thanks, guys! It's so nice to see the different ways people view the same exact bag!!!!
  12. Button side out here! :yes:
  13. button out...I think thats considered the front of the bag. Coach website always shows the front of the bag in their pics and they show this one with button out. Its cute! Don't hide the button! ;)
  14. Button out. Makes sense to me...
  15. for me, button out.