ERGO - hobo or tote??

  1. I am torn between an Ergo large leather hobo and the tote, both in tan, to be my basic everyday bag. Which would you get, and why?
  2. Well I just bought a medium Ergo Tote in Chocolate and I love it. At first I thought it was too small but it's actually the perfect size. It holds everything without being bulky. But I was looking at the large Ergo Hobo at the outlet last weekend and I really liked it too. But it almost seemed too big to me. The large Ergo Tote is really big too. Both are cute but I like the tote shape a little better. But if strap drop length is important to you, it seems like the hobos have a longer drop. I hope this helps, lol.
  3. Thanks, Katielady! It's just as well no one else replied to this thread because I ran to the Coach store this evening after work and bought a large hobo. ;) I LOVE it.
  4. large hobo.. love ya for that!
  5. Congratulations. I'm thinking I might need a hobo too :smile: I think if I got a hobo I would get the large size since I have the medium size in the tote. Maybe after Christmas I'll make it back to an outlet. Hopefully they'll still have some left.
  6. OMG do i have the tote of hobo lol

    sample pic below.. lol which one is that?
  7. Opps i have a tote lol i did an eBay search! :woohoo:
  8. LOL sinniebunnie. Tote or hobo, they are both gorgeous!

    I'm already thinking about my next purchase.....
  9. Congrats on your new hobo.