Ergo hobo in black patent?


Nov 9, 2007
I saw this Ergo hobo on Macy's online and called my store. They have it in black PATENT 25% off, so it would be $261. Is this considered the "medium" size?

Is that a good price?

BTW, I called the outlet and they don't have anything like this in patent. Or even in all leather -- just sig, which I don't want.


The link didn't work for me, but based on the description it sounds like you're referring to the medium sized ergo hobo. That one has the coach circular button type insignia on the outside pocket instead of the turnlock. I think $261 is a great price! My SA said that the black patent always sells out very quickly. You were so lucky to find one on sale! I had to resort to eBay on Friday to get a large hobo b/c I didn't want to pay the full price ($458) and the outlets didn't have any.


Apr 10, 2008
I think it is a great deal. Patent is hard to find. I don't think they made a many of them as other ergos.
I think 25% off is a great deal. I bought the black patent ergo tote at Dillards that was 25% off. I haven't used it yet because I keep hoping to find a hobo but didn't want to pass on the tote in case I don't find a hobo.