ergo hobo in all brown?

  1. I have an ergo wristlet and love it for it's unexpected roominess!
    Does anybody carry a medium sized ergo hobo?
    I love the hobo shape and ergo is an awesome style.
    I am still on the fence about getting an all chocolate bag but I have seen it around and it looks lovely when being carried.

    Opinions???? :smile::heart:
  2. I have the med. ergo hobo in khaki, and I love it. It's so roomy and very lightweight.
  3. I have the medium in Khaki as well and I LOVE it! I got it in July and carried straight through until I got my Sig Stripe Tote in September. I'm thinking of carrying it again soon, though.

    It holds a lot more than it seems and it's very comfortable to carry.
  4. YAY!!!!
    I adore khaki with plum trim but....
    a chocolatey bag is just so divine and rich looking.

    and it does look quite nice in the hobo shape.
  5. I have the medium ergo hobo in black signature and LOVE it! It is lightweight and has LOTS of room! I love the way it hangs on my shoulder too! :smile:
  6. I don't think you can go wrong with an Ergo Hobo. Its a great all around bag and the chocolate is beautiful. Go for it! You won't regret it. I've NEVER heard of anyone returning those bags..everyone loves them!:tup:
  7. I have the white leather medium ergo hobo and it is so light weight. It holds a ton without getting bulky. Last PCE I bought the all chocolate leather one but then returned it after I bought my sig stripe tote. I couldn't justify buying two bags for PCE. I really regret it and plan on getting it again before christmas. It is a lovely bag and I absolutely love the chocolate leather. I say go for it because every gal needs a dark down bag like that. :smile: I love my ergo wristlet too! I need to get another one.
  8. I have the medium in turquoise and :heart: it!!! Light and super roomy, perfect bag. I've been eyeing the chocolate one, the leather looks yummy in that color. GET IT!! GET IT!!
  9. I just bought an Ergo Tote in chocolate brown and it should be here any day. I'm so excited because I think it is such a beautiful color. And it's my first Ergo but I hope I like it as much as everyone else does.
  10. I do! I have it in black. Its one of my most fav Coach bags! Super comfy! Here is my doggie modeling it for me!:love:
    Ebay Pics 399.jpg
  11. What an adorable picture!
  12. I have the medium turquoise, large natural vintage leather, and large black patent. They are among my favorites. They're light and hold a ton!
  13. I HAVE THE MEDIUM ERGO IN CHOCOLATE SIGNATURE!!!!!!!! AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!!!! I posted a thread on her last week when she came home w/ me....I'll try to find it and bump it up for you b/c I posted pics in there. She's a comfy bag., let's just say I go on four to five hour shopping trips at a time, and not once did this bag annoy me!!!!! She is truly the most perfect bag! and adorable as well!!!
  14. Candace: I just bumped up my thread w/ pics of my chocolate medium ergo for you!