Ergo Drop

  1. Has anyone else noticed that the drop on the new Ergo is great?!?! I looked it up online to see just how much it is...11 inches!! Awesome! Anyone have last years and the new one modeled so I can see the difference? Thanks!
    PS my next bag is the brown patent med Ergo love at first sight!!!
  2. I have the black leather ergo tote and the pond patent ergo tote - I didnt notice a difference. Although i just tried the patent on, havent taken it out to use it yet. I LOVE the ergo totes. I saw the brown patent too - its just gorgeous!!
  3. I just tried on the large ergo pebbled tote today. I used to have the '07 large signature ergo tote. I didn't notice a difference in drop.
  4. Really? It must have been the year before then. I have the scarf ergo and it sits just below my armpit and I tried on the patent med hobo today (for the billionth time! lol) and it hits about 4 inches above my hip. It is perfect! Can't wait to get it but I am going to be good and wait to get a PCE.
  5. I think its just the hobos that changed in drop length... and I agree.. it's great!
  6. Yes the hobos drop did change last year.. the ones before that were armpit bags, atleast for me.. I like the new drop a lot better! :tup:
  7. I knew I wasn't crazy! lol I can't wait to get my new Ergo I am so excited!!! :yahoo: