Ergo decisions!

  1. A few weekends ago I got to check out the Ergo collection briefly at a Coach in Chicago, and overall I was impressed, but didn't have a chance to really look at the bags. But yesterday I did finally get to stop by a Coach retailer for an extended period of time and fell head over heels for Ergo :heart:! I bought the Ergo Leather Tote in Camel, it's gorgeous (I'd take pics but I need new digicam batteries). I love how light it is too. Well it just so happens that I received a gift card for Easter that I plan to use towards another lovely Ergo! I'm trying to decide between three different bags, what would you suggest?

    -Large Tote in Turquoise
    -Large Tote in Black
    -Large Hobo in White

    I really fell in love with the turquoise color when I saw it in Chicago, but I worry that it won't be seasonally versitile for me, it seems very summery and I already have the tan ergo as a summer bag. The tote in black would be pretty too and very useful, but I already have a big black bag, albeit with silver hardware. I think the large hobo is completely gorgeous, I love it in white, but I'm a student and probably wouldn't get around to using it as much as either of the other two. I'd wreck a white bag on campus. Still, it's classic enough that I could use it for multiple years.

    Of my options, what would you suggest? I can only afford one of three :push: ! Which do you think is best in person?

    FYI, I'm a tall and curvy gal, so I can pull off the large ergo sizes. They are LARGE bags though!
  2. HI!!
    I think I would go for the large black tote. But then again Im one of those girls who love all Coach bags year around even black.
  3. I like the black one too - very versatile and classy!
  4. I say go for the turquoise. I love black too, but am ready to carry some different colors. I think the turquoise is very versatile.
  5. I think turquoise will be a gorgeous color for fall and can carry into winter, as well. The color is deep enough to not be limited to a "spring/summer" bag. I also love the white, but if you won't be able to carry it as much I would say go with the turquoise.
  6. I say go for the turquoise. It's such a dreamy color, you can't go wrong. :drool: :drool: It's just a very vibrant color, and I'm sure you'll love it. :yes:
  7. Large Tote in Turquoise. It's such a beautiful and unique color.
  8. oh geeee, now Im thinking turquoise too lol!
  9. large in turqoise for sure!! thats the one i have and i am in love with it!!! :smile: its such a gorgeous color and def deep and rich enough to carry into other seasons but fun enough as summer t:huh:!! its totally versitile :smile:
  10. Get anything in the Turquoise color whether it be the Ergo Large Hobo or the Large Tote. That color can be worn into the fall and in my opinion is deep enough to be worn year round. You will have to baby sit that white bag which will be a pain.
  11. I bought the black and it can be worn all year round
  12. Definately get the large hobo - do you really need two totes??? Why not get it in turquoise??
  13. Oooh, thank you for all of the advice! I was thinking about it this morning again and had ruled out the turquoise, but gosh, now that you all like it, maybe I'll reconsider it! Shoulderbabies, I'm going to right now to check out the large hobos in turquoise too. I do like tote style bags a lot, so I wouldn't mind having multiple totes though. If I could get the hobo AND the tote this decision would be so much easier!!

    I *guess* maybe I could go for a medium hobo and the large tote, that would be a lot easier on my budget. Thoughts? I'd have to be on a bag ban for a long time if I bought three ergos in the span of a month, though!!
  14. Large Tote in Turquoise!! the color is so pretty. :smile: the tan and turquoise are my favorite colors!

    the easter bunny loves you :p I just got some chocolate.
  15. First let me say I'm jealous that you got a gift card for Easter! All I got is some gum and candy that I don't even like, flowers that I will kill in a week and socks!

    But back to the topic on hand, I'd go with the white hobo. If you already have a large black bag, I'd skip the black tote. And as far as the turquoise, I like the color, but I don't think it is a year round color. Also at least with me, I'd be afraid of it clashing with most of my outfits.