1. Alright I think I want to get an Ergo but I can't decide, tote or large hobo style. Help me decide. Pros and cons of each please. Thanks ladies!!!
  2. I chose the Hobo. The totes are really cute, but I really dont like bags that are open top. So the zipper won me over!
  3. hobo... no particular reason i just dont like the look of the totes! I loooooove my hobo!
  4. I prefer the totes as they are more structured, which I guess I like in a bag! The hobos look kinda like a blob on me!
  5. hobo
  6. I love the Large hobo! I have 2 that I love and another one on the way! I prefer 1 strap over 2 any day!

    They are the most comfortable bag to carry!

    here is eye candy of my most favorite ergo ever...
    IMG_0249.JPG IMG_0248.JPG
  7. I prefer the tote--the large hobo is just tooooo huge on me! And I'm not a little tiny thing either LOL. I like the structure of the tote better as well.

    That said.....I have a small hobo that I LOVE when I don't need to carry a ton of stuff!!
  8. I am leaning towards the hobo, thanks everyone so far!!!
  9. hobo!:yes:
  10. I admit I'm swayed by the recent posts - but I say the Black Patent Ergo Hobo is the way to go! Gorgeous bag!
  11. :yahoo:Hobo...I can't do open bags! :yahoo:
  12. Definitely the hobo.......but I wish it had the legacy stripe lining.
  13. I have the black patent hobo. I love this bag! It seems to be my go to bag quite often. I always get complements on it. I especially love how light and comfortable it is to wear.
  14. Get the Hobo for starters, then get a tote somewhere down the line.
    You cannot go wrong with an Ergo Hobo or an Ergo Tote of any kind.
    I have the Ergo plum belted tote and have used it exclusively since I
    got it last week. I really love it!
  15. I prefer the tote because it has legacy stripe lining which is sooo pretty inside. But I'm actually thinking of getting a large hobo after seeing how much everyone loves the hobos.