Ergo Belted Magazine in Tobacco is here!!

  1. Hello All:

    My Ergo Belted Magazine tote No. 11266 is here in tobacco. This is a very lovely bag.
    I am not sure if I am keeping it though as I would prefer the plum. Here are some pictures. Two pictures are in natural light.
    IMG0003_21.jpg IMG0002_17.jpg IMG0001_49.jpg
  2. It is beautiful Liz! Look, the legacy lining is peeking :smile:
    Plum color sounds yummy! Good luck choosing?! Congrats if you decided to keep this one or both!
  3. That bag is beautiful and looks great on you, Liz! I know what you mean about the plum, though - I have the plum belted hobo and the color is just fantastic. I hope they come out with these totes in patent for the spring - that's my next purchase!
  4. Ohhh I love it, that would be my color choice!! Though the plum is pretty too..

  5. i have the plum and i would prefer that color. i've hardly ever taken my plum one out because i can't find anything to wear that would match her!!
  6. I love that bag on you! Good luck choosing between tobacco and plum! Either of them would look great on you!
  7. For me the plum is a very neutral color that goes with most of the browns and grays that I wear. I already have alot of brown bags and would like something different.
    I ordered the Plum one and will hopefully have it by Monday. I will post comparison pictures when I get it so you guys can see. I may just decide to keep this one though
    because I really love the tobacco color and it is a different shade of brown for me.
  8. Liz,

    Anyway you can keep that one and still hunt down a plum one? Can you get the plum through JAX or have you found one at an outlet anywhere? The tobacco is such a fantastically rich color, but I agree about the plum ergo tote is just amazing and the color isn't seen often. I also agree that it's really a wonderful neutral color; I'm going to be traveling some next month and plan on it being my constant companion!
  9. Its a beautiful color but I agree, if you already have a lot of brown bags, I would go for the plum. Sounds like the plum will match a lot of your wardrobe too. Good Choice!:tup: Can't wait to see pics of the plum!!! :yes:
  10. That's a beautiful bag on you Liz. Good Luck deciding which one to keep once your Plum arrives!
  11. What a great bag! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Belted Ergo look!

    I think this is a great color. I actually like it better than the plum in person.
  12. CONGRATS, LIZ!!! Your new ergo tote is GORGEOUS!!! I, personally, given a choice, prefer the tobacco over the plum (I just bought my new tobacco ergo belted hobo and I am loving her!!!!) BUT, that said, if I could snag a plum belted ergo hobo at the outlets real cheap, then that baby is going to be following me home!!!! I cant wait to see comparison pics and hear which bag you decide to keep! Good luck w/ your decision....this is going to be a hard one!!!!
  13. TejasMama:

    I am trying to hunt down a plum one, so far my outlets don't have any. I will call again
    next week and see what I find. The plum color is an amazing color in the size you have.
    I am using my Ergo Turquoise Tote. Gosh, I just love this bag so much and it is so cheery.

    I will let you guys know if I can find anything in the plum color. thanks, Liz
  14. Congrats, it looks PERFECT on you!
  15. The plum is gorgeous, but I'd personally take the tobacco instead. In any case the bag looks great on you! :tup: