1. Hi everybody...

    I know that there a lot of you out there that have the ERGO belted HOBO...:smile:

    I have a question:confused1:...I have it in TABACCO ( I bought it during the fall PCE) and never got around to using it. I took it out of the box and put my things in it, and it is really stiff...

    Does it soften up with time and if it does, how long will it take? It is really stiff and seems to bend in a weird place (almost like the leather puckers) when it is full and zipped up.:sad:

    Photo 1 is purse stuffed with tissue
    Photo 2 and 3 is purse with my stuff in it hanging from my hand. Notice the strange bend?

    Thanks in advance!!!:smile:
    COACH photos 040.JPG tabasco ergo 001.JPG tabasco ergo 002.JPG
  2. I dont actually own a leather one but I still think your bag looks hot! Pucker and all. Its just really natural looking, and yes it will soften in time.
  3. I wanted the plum one last month but it made this funny dent and it scratches so easily too. I would be so paranoid about the bag so I got the Black Sig Medium Carly instead. I still want this bag so I'm hoping it will head to the outlets soon since some of the ergos have been popping up lately. Does anyone have scratches on their leather ergo hobos from daily use???
  4. I have the sig. chocolate ergo hobo and it has that odd annoying bend in it too !!! But what I did was put a bunch of folded/rolled up t-shirts in it and now I am wating to see if that helps. It has been hanging like that for a couple of days, so when I get off work in about an hour I will go home and check it out and let you know !!!!
  5. The leather hobos have a slouchy-effect naturally, so you will see puckering with them. Additionally, the leather softens with time.
  6. ^^ I agree w/ the above poster...the ergo hobos have a slouchy effect to them, similar to Carly,'s just their nature to slouch! My leather is VERY soft and I just bought this bag last week...I have been using her daily and I LOVE her!!!!! My chocolate signature ergo hobo has the slouch as well. I would think if you had the bag totally filled though it may not slouch as much! IMO it's adorable though!!
  7. That is such a beautiful bag even with the little pucker! I love it and it is such a gorgeous color!
  8. I have the plum belted ergo and I find the leather is wonderful, just very soft and "squishable". I've worn it for a month at a time and did not notice any scratching at all. It wears just great, and is very comfortable. Its one of my all-time favorite bags.
  9. I just bought a belted plum ergo yesterday (YAY!!!)

    And honestly, I'm hoping that it starts to slouch a bit. I dont want the bag to be completely stiff...
  10. okay, after doing what I did with the stuffing it helped ALOT ! I will try to get pics of it as soon as I can find the digi. cam !!! idk where it went !!!!

    But idk how it will work with leather . . . it's worth a shot to try though . . .
  11. I have got my belted ergo hobo yesterday, so I cannot say something
    from experience through the daily use, but as former poster said,
    the slouchy effect is what makes this ergo bag so unique and beautiful...!!
    (I found the first picture - bulged with full stuff - not beautiful)
    And for me the bag isn't stiff at all.

    When I hold just the top of the strap like your 2. and 3. picture, I of course
    get the dent, but when do I hold the bag like this ? When I put the
    bag on my shoulder the pucker dissapears and the bag gets just
    natural look, yes it just looks beautiful ... !!

    I would like to say that nothing bothers me, but my concern is scratching,
    it should be fine if someone can reports on this issue...