Ergo at TJ Maxx

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  1. After all the great finds at TJ Maxx, I thought I should stop on my way to work this morning.

    Nothing spectacular, a signature pouch $79.99, but no wallets or other bags I've been seeing in other posts.

    I was about to walk out and I spied this on a display that I swear I had already looked at.

    Ergo Tote in Rust for $159.99! I'm on the fence about the rust and the openness of the bag, but I love the legacy lining.

    Here's the drilldown picture, which I'm guessing is not the rust.

    Anyone have this bag? Need to decide if I'm keeping it. A big plus is the fact that it is SO lightweight.
  2. I have it in turquoise and the bag is very lightweight. You should keep it.
  3. I would definetely keep that bag. Its HOT!! Super light weight and really functional. Awsome find girl!:nuts:
  4. I actually got that for my mom for mother's day in the lighter tan color and she really enjoys it. This was her first new coach in years so that may have something to do with it also..but I want one for myself!
  5. I have the large size in black - just got it and I love the size, it stays on my shoulder and it's really lightweight! I saw those at my TJ - was wishing they were the larger size -they had the brown at mine.
  6. I have that tote in black. :heart:
    Yes - the openess can be an issue so I tend to switch to something with a zipper when I am going someplace where I will be in large crowds or worry about having something fall out. But since I normally carry it on the shoulder it hasn't been an issue for me. I just the love the bag and the lining. In fact I got use to having it open and being able to just throw something into it. I also keep my car keys in the front pocket so I don't have to dig around for them on my way out to the car.
  7. I would keep it! Its's a great bag and a great price!
  8. I have the Pebbled Ergo bag in Bamboo (actually I just bought it), and I hate, hate the color. But it is indeed lightweight and extremely comfortable. I haven't actually put anything in there yet though, since I've decided to wait for the store to have the white color, and I'm going to exchange the bamboo for the white. But you should keep it. It's a nice bag. And the Legacy Lining is just lovely!

    Edit: I agree about the openness of the bag, as I am not a fan of dogleash closure. It's what made me hesitant about buying the bag when it first came out, but I regret it now. It's an adorable bag.
  9. cute! i thought about getting one in white or camel when they were at the nordstrom anniversary sale last year but i was unsure about the openness too.. even though half the time i leave my bag open :P
  10. Cute!! I soooo want a white one!!!!
  11. I saw a bleecker at my local TJ. and couple pouches.. Nothing that tickled my fancy tho. :sad:
  12. Ooohhhhh......the Ergo totes are my most favorite bag ever! I have 3 medium totes, and a large one on the way. If I see one of those at my TJ's tomorrow...I will be in so much trouble, because it'll be coming home with me!
  13. You might want to check what that bag is running at the outlets. Everytime I get excited about a TJ Maxx find I discover the outlets have the same one for less. :smile:

  14. I'm about 3 hours away from my closest outlet:crybaby:so TJMaxx is it for me for everyday shopping........we don't even have Coach at any department stores here. And the closest boutique is about 2 hours away. Sometimes it SUCKS to live in the boonies! LOL!
  15. I have the medium black pebbled leather ergo tote and I LOVE it!!! Besides being lightweight, the legacy lining brings a little bit of cheer every time you reach into the bag. As for the open top, I thought it would bother me but it hasn't. It makes it easier to get things into and out of the bag.