Ergh, just annoying

  1. Ok so I have this designer bag catalog up on eBay...I received it the other day and it has a certain celeb on it and wanted to sell it because I know this particular person has a lot of fans. So the bidding gets waaaaaay up to beyond where I thought it would go and then all of a sudden, the high bidder messages me today and goes:
    "I just realized this was a catalog instead of a handbag. I am new to eBay. I want to revoke my bid. I will not be paying $26.00 for a catalog. Thanks."

    And just a few minutes ago, I get this from the next highest bidder:
    "I don't want this. I wanted a purse, not a catalog. I already own this catalog. This is a misleading ad and I am going to report it to eBay if you do not revoke my bid."

    Of course, I cancelled their bids because even then, I wouldn't want to deal with people with these bad attitudes and then reported the second person for sending a harassing message (she has only 4 fb's, I have 800+, all positive...yup, because I'm a scammer :rolleyes:).

    Keep in mind that NOWHERE in this auction (not the title, not the description, NOWHERE) does it claim that I'm selling the bag that's on the cover!! All that's there are pictures of the catalog, pictures of the celeb modeling the other bags in there, and I put in details ABOUT the catalog, and it's in the listing section for CATALOGS, not handbags, yet people are bidding, thinking it's for the bag!! HOW is that misleading like the second person claims???

    UGH, I'm so annoyed right now, I think there needs to be an IQ test for bidders sometimes, WHY on Earth would you bid on something when you don't fully read the auction or even look at the pictures???? UGH. So I finally just messaged the only other bidder, making sure SHE understands that it's for a catalog too. Dang. :cursing:
  2. Yikes. People can be idiots.
  3. is it listed in the correct category?
    I hate when I see people selling Oilily catalogs in the little girls clothing categories. . .
  4. Yup, it's listed in catalogs, not handbags (I mentioned it in the OP).
    It's not like there was any way for me to mislead or even IMPLY that I was selling a bag. :confused1:
  5. Here's how it's listed (I took out the brand so I don't promote it):
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Item Specifics - Item Condition [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif]Condition: [/FONT]Used

    [​IMG][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif]Catalog Type : [/FONT]Clothing, Fashion

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif]Catalog : [/FONT]
  6. I get so annoyed when people do not take the time to read the entire listing.
  7. Iam feeling for you.....this happenecto me last week guy bids for item,guy wins, guy receives item....oh! it does not fit .i had measurements,pics of itm w/ measurong etc... he is upset "i did not see that"! agggh! i feel for you.:tdown:
  8. Ugh thanks. It seems like a common thing now, buyers not reading the auctions, then blaming the SELLER because THEY didn't read properly.
    You know, it wouldn't have been a big deal if they would have NICELY said something like, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize what this was for, would you mind cancelling my bid?"
    But to DEMAND that I cancel their bid or they'll REPORT my auction? Seriously, who do they think they are, trying to use intimidation to get what they want? I wasn't too happy when I responded to the second bidder, that message she sent really got me steamed and I'm a very easy person to work with!
  9. Ugh, that's so ridiculous Rebecca...I'm sorry you had to deal with those il·lit·er·ate people. They are all coming out for the holidays aren't they? This Ebay thread is jumpin' with wacko-related stories these past few weeks! :yes:

  10. I'm sorry you happened it, Rebecca :s Don't know why but I pretty sure highest and next highest bidder are the same person or highest bidder have contacted the next bidder :push: Report them to eBay and make sure eBay know that you didn't mislead title.
  11. Well that sounds familiar. I sell an informational guide to buying a specific brand of bag, and it's sent via email. The guide costs about $20, while an authentic bag of this type costs thousands. The listing is in the informational products category, AND it says in big huge red letters, THIS LISTING IS FOR AN INFORMATIONAL GUIDE, NOT A BAG. The gallery photo is a photo of the type of bag that the guide refers to.
    I constantly get emails from people (in English speaking countries as well as others) asking things like "How much is shipping to (wherever)?" or "Do you have this bag in red?", or my favorite, "How can you sell an authentic (bag) for $20?". DUH. I routinely have to refund people who seriously are that stupid, and "accidentally" buy the thing.
    The best one was the woman who emailed me several times asking why she hadn't seen the package on her doorstep. I was totally like, um, what? It was sent via EMAIL. She goes, "oh I didn't realize it was an e-book. Sounds like you're having a bad day." LOL

    The takeaway here is that unfortunately a lot of people do not read. Or they're stupid. Or a combination of the two. (If it's a language barrier I don't mind AT ALL but most of mine aren't.)
  12. what the heck is wrong with people???? you must be furious... still, I hope you get a good price for it hon x
  13. Oh gosh, thanks everyone. I mean, I actually edited the auction AFTER I put it up so the title didn't sound like I was selling a bag!
    And it's kind of funny...I don't know what's more pathetic, the fact that these people aren't reading properly, or the fact that they think I'm selling a designer BAG for $3.99 (that was my starting bid)!! And to see that the bidders who wanted their bids cancelled, thinking that they were bidding on a bag, only bid like $25-that's a nearly $600 bag advertised!!
    If I WAS selling that bag, there's absolutely NO way I'd be selling it that cheap!
  14. Some people just need to take the time to read the entire listing! I ALWAYS read *every single word* very very carefully (in case there are loopholes or disclaimers lol) and never had problems...jeeze. Sorry you have to go through this Rebecca!! Some people just shouldn't buy online!
  15. ^Seriously, same here! I would NEVER buy something without reading it fully. I mean, I have LOTS of pics of the thing up there and under it, a full description of it. I know when I'm bidding on something, I read and re-read the auction usually once a day. I'm kind of compulsive like that but I want to make sure everything is good.
    Sigh. I guess it's too much to ask that buyers READ before they blindly bid.