ERG Having a bad coach "moment"

  1. Went to lunch with mom then went to TJMAXX (I apparently have heavy taste because I was BROWSING wallets and purses and picked up an $80 dooney wallet, and a $80 love paris or something or another wallet (didnt want either)

    Picked up a $500 Michael Kors...put it back

    Found a black Coach hobo 2005 line (like my scarf print) for $119.99, retail $178 bought that and a baby phat slouch bag for $36 retail $111

    Went to Marshalls...saw the blk tote from the same line for $159, retail um much more I forget haha....But it DID say FACTORY STORE On it...Felt blah about the 1st purchase but did NOT want the 2nd picked up fiance went back to TJ MAXX and returned..

    So I still only own one Coach...but dropped $65 at a jewelry party :crybaby:

    However fiance said if "I" buy myself Coach purses it takes out the "SPECIALNESS" of him getting them for me so he won't do it, but I don't think I can settle for ONE A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    btw Marshalls had like tweed style Coach and 2 totes of that wallets...the ONLY Coach at TJMAXX was the one I got and took back
  2. one a year is just not enough! tell him that!

    and don't buy stuff just to buy it. buy what you LOVE and will USE.

    and our marshall's has had that tweed stuff for months. no one ever buys it. it's cute enough, but the price is still too much.
  3. Buy what you love! I hope you enjoy your bags.
  4. Don't make the mistake of getting your fiance too involved in your handbag lifestyle. I made that mistake with hubby and now he just has to make a comment whenever I get a new bag. My friend is a handbag addict too and her husband is the same way. I find that most men do not belong in the lifestyle. lol
  5. LoL well when we FIRST MET he was so smitten that he was like I want to buy you a Coach bag...and I had only mentioned it ONCE when my friend got a new one to her collection...

    I said honey thats sweet but I don't want just ANY Coach LOL...

    I mean SURE eventually I would love that black tote I put back since NOW after looking on ebay I realized its REVERSIBLE..but its also cheaper on was $150 at Marshalls....

    But I would like my first tote to be maybe the Silver and White scribble....

    and I am NOT going to pass up a legacy purse!!

    If he says he will not buy anymore then I will not buy anymore items in HIS addiction collections 1) I hate xbox and 2) I think fish are stupid
  6. Is it the tote below? I got this Labor Day weekend at the outlet for $80. It is so roomy and the sateen material is really nice.
  7. YES!!!!!!! Omg if someone could GET ME one at $80 I would be willing to pay $100, I just was not into paying $150 for it when it's not my TOP PICK lol. I love how its reversible. I did not realize that until looking on ebay
  8. As long as it's your pocket $, he shouldn't really have the final say in it. My BF lets me run around and buy what I want but he will tell me if I bag doesn't look right on me or looks ugly and I'm just too blind to see it. In the end, if I love it....I'll still get it cause I'm paying for it.
  9. I saw some at Macy's on clearance a few weeks back. Not sure if they would have any left.
  10. But of course he loves the way the bag HE bought looks on me lol...he just mentioned that black tote was cute...

    He is VERY good at telling me what looks good and bad...I had a ton of ponchos and shawls from an old photo shoot and he was like ummm you look 40 in that looked better around my jeans then my shoulders..and sometimes HE takes longer to get ready
  11. Was the tweed stuff... this stuff...

  12. I'm in that club! Hubby hates it when I go to the outlets or when I surf ebay! WHen you catch a deal you have to act! He has the love for dvd's and mine is for handbags!:nuts:
  13. :yes: You are so right, handbags are a lifestyle. The less my husband knows about the lifestyle, the happier we both are. I only discuss my purchases with my SA, my daughter and fellow addicts. They understand and don't judge!

  14. No it was the mostly pink tweed with the old lady style flowers on them :roflmfao:
  15. I was at Marshalls tonight too, holding that, but yeesh I knew I saw it cheaper at the outlet awhile ago. They had one for $130 and one for $150 :/ Then they had those pinkish tweed clutches on clearance for $70- edit: yes the old lady flowers were, uh, special