Erasing the fine lines

  1. Hello there, could anyone recommend me products that work at minimizing and eradicating the problem of fine lines before they develop into wrinkles as a result of aging? Lines appear on both my cheeks, bridge of nose, and forehead. I just only noticed them when I switched from liquid foundation to mineral make-up! I have dry sensitive skin and used Everyday Minerals in each of their 4 formulas. Now I start looking my age :crybaby::crybaby:
  2. i don't think you can erase fine lines w/o a doctors help... but a good moisturizer will help you minimize the appearance of fine lines. i really like Ren Skincare and Juice Beauty, you can go to the sephora website and check them out. i had the same problem w/ bare minerals, which is why i don't use power foundation anymore, and now use a tinted moistuizer. good luck w/ those fine lines!!!
  3. Hello there fellow Oregonian lol!! I found the same thing out once i switched to Bare minerals...a good moisturizer definitly helps...other than that i know microdermabrasion helps...but other than that a chemical peel...boxtox etc..... would take care of the lines!
  4. OMG, I know this is sooo off topic.. But I LOVE your Loco Roco avatar. :smile: