erasing bids from buyers?

  1. I'm looking everywhere and I've heard people talk about it. There's this person I asked to contact me because they had zero contact but they keep bidding up the price so how would I ban that person? TIA
  2. Never mind! This can be deleted if you want. I think this person is selling other items like mine so he is bidding with another id for my item and set a high max bid. Dirty stuff some people do.
  3. If they have 0 feedback and will not respond to any of your messages, then I would delete them. If they bid as a newbie (and we all had to start somwhere), they should be willing to take a few seconds to respond to any seller that contacts them.

    *Edit* I just read that you wanted to know HOW to erase it. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure! Hope someone else can help you with that.
  4. I found out thanks though! The thing is he just joined when I posted my item so I think it's a false id. With enough search i found the link to erase him.
  5. Glad you found out! :tup: Hope everything else goes well.
  6. That is a horrible thing to to do! I am glad you figured out how to cancel his bid....make sure to add him to your blocked bidders list so he can't bid on any of your other items in the future!