Eragon...a Must See!!!!!!!!

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  1. I just went ..along with 35 of my daughters classmates at see Eragon.
    It was AMAZING!!!!!!! What a sweet movie..I adored it!If you like Harry Potter..with less scariness.this movie is for you!
  2. I saw it yesterday w/ my son & bf. Suprisingly bf liked it & he hardly likes anything LOL. My son is (almost) 4 & he sat, watching the whole time. Great movie & very enjoyable. If you like Harry Potter and/or Lord of the Rings, you will like this movie.
  3. i'll be honest, i thought it was a kid version of lord of the rings. great if you are a kid too young to watch the real thing...but a poor imitation of lord of the rings. they tried to imitate everything peter jackson did (the sorcerer, the castles, the mountains, the bad guys) but the graphics weren't good at all....

    so if it's for a kid, then i think it's great...but for an adult that really enjoys fantasy movies, not so good