1. did anyone watch the premiere last night ???

    it was pretty good

    Jerry survived :yahoo: .........and hopefully luca and abby's baby makes it
  2. Against my better judgment for some reason I watched tonight and balled my freakin eyes out! Now, I don't know if it is the hormones or what but when they stick that suction down Pratt's throat and he has tears running down his cheeks I lost it. 4 tissues later it's over. whew.
  3. My aunt had me watch it cause her power went out right before he I was on the phone with her giving her a blow by blow. LOL.

    Mekhi Pfeiffer is a great actor. I missed him crying, but my aunt did get to see that part.
  4. LOL! That's hilarious!
    You are so sweet for doing that! maybe your auntie can get on TPF and we can talk about it!!!
  5. I've been an ER fan since it began - if I miss an episode, I always Tivo it. I did watch last night and thought it was great and heartbreaking - I can't remember being brought to tears by this show since Mark Green died - OMG, I was a MESS (of course, my ex had left a few months before, and I was still on the edge - it was actually cathartic). Every time I hear that version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole I tear up to this day! I'm looking forward to that character returning (in a flashback, most likely) this season.
  6. Please add a spoiler alert, I thought this was going to be a general do you like ER thread, the new series hasn't started here (UK) yet. I can't believe Pratt dies...:crybaby:
  7. OH CRAP, AUDREY!!!!!!!!! I AM SOO SOOO SOO SORRY!!!!!!! :flowers::flowers:
  8. ditto, bisbee what's it been, 14 years?? and look at the few who have been on since the beginning. I think my eyes are still swollen from crying so much, and ususally I don't on this show....

  9. One of the best yet heartbreaking episodes EVER. I cried my eyes out as well. Great acting and I'm so sad Pratt is gone. He'll be missed.
  10. why pratt why???? I managed to catch a few minutes during commercial break for Grey's Anatomy...That was enough to make me sob...I have been following this since I was in College in the early 90s..George clooney, Noah Wylie ..
  11. I too have watched every single episode and have not cried since Marc Green died! i thought last nights episode was so sad! i am so upset pratt died i thought he was great on the show!!!! when pratt started crying that is when i started to get upset....
  12. yay! ER fans!
    Bextasy, that was most heart wrenching scene when he was crying----you and me both, oy.
  13. Wait a minute! Mark Green died? I thought so! But how is it he is coming back on the show?? I saw the previews and he and Noah Wylie are returning in the weeks to come.
  14. I love ER, I too like the whole Abby and Luca story, but I cannot wait till it comes back on, they definitely left us with a nail biter!!
  15. he had a brain tumor or something--sad ;(

    who knows how the heck they are going to do this?!!! maybe he and pratt will hook up in the "after life" :drinks: