er !!! Dont Flatter Yourself Dennis !!

  1. Dennis Rodman: 'electra Is Still In Love With Me'.

    2006-08-06 10:01:03

    Dennis Rodman: 'electra Is Still In Love With Me'.... Former basketball star Dennis Rodman claims his ex-wife Carmen Electra is still in love with him, following her high profile split from Dave Navarro last month (18Jul06).
    Rodman was married to the former Baywatch beauty for less than five months in 1998, and insists she still pined for him throughout her two-year marriage to the Jane'S Addiction guitarist.
    He tells American magazine Star, "Carmen called me six months ago.
    "She told me I was the love of her life and she wished we'd stuck together.
    "We may meet up in Vegas or LA or somewhere, then we'll have a nice little talk".

  2. He is so annoying!!
  3. That's a nice top he's got on there.
  4. I still don't get it why on earth she was with him at first place..O yeah she was with Prince too..:wtf:
  5. Dennis- there are better ways to get attention..
  6. eww, he looks horrible!
  7. Gross:Push:
  8. Um, I remember when Carmen was getting ready for her wedding (MTV's Carmen and Dave: Till Death Do Us Part) and she said the one to Dennis Rodman didn't count.
  9. :throwup:
  10. I was just about to say that!!! Maybe he is saying this to get back at her??? :shrugs:
  11. ^^ True.. lets see what happens! another :throwup: for the thought of them together again!
  12. Get over yourself already!