Equipment Blouses

  1. Last call has 40% any one item today, and they have a good selection of equipment shirts. Use FBOFFER for an extra $25 off $50+. My total came out to $50 for an ava! I think you can even check out multiple times.
  2. I am the same way ... I am usually an XS with most brands... but S in equipment blouses works with me too because you can wear them loosely..
  3. thanks for the info. i bought the Equipment Leandra Striped blouse from $119 down to $49. i also used the code: FRSHIP for free shipping on any order.

  4. Just found dark grey Equipment blouse on clearance at Marshalls ...$25!
  5. Was this is normal Marshalls or a Marshalls that carries higher-end brands?
  6. Nope just a regular the clearance section, there were at least 2 or 3 of them
  7. Ugh, i stopped by at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and neither had any of the Signature blouses, they only had some nasty geeen striped top for $79.99 :sad:
  8. So tempting! I love the horse print one!
  9. i would love to see you ladies wearing your equipment blouses to give me some fashion idea and inspiration.
  10. I used to live close to the shop too!
    Rue Etienne Marcel!
  11. Sorry it's sideways but here is me before heading out the door today

  12. That is a great look Jen! I am inspired, now.:smile:
  13. Love the look! Which blouse is it? The brett?
  14. Thank you! No clue to be honest but here is the style and cut numbers if that helps!