Equipment Blouses

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  1. Ladies I'm trying to find a couple of equipment blouses that I missed out on when they were in stores. I've been searching ebay but noticed some sellers have a number of Equipment blouses in different sizes etc. Wondering if these are fakes etc? anyone have any experience dealing with some reputable sellers? TIA
  2. Not sure ..but I have found all of my equipment blouses very discounted at Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx. Good luck
  3. Same here. I also picked up a few for additional 40% off at Last Call.
  4. Because the shirts are so popular - I wouldn't doubt that there are fakes floating around (especially when they're selling well on ebay, and easy to copy). I'd stick with reputable stores. I've seen plenty at Nordstrom Rack, Last Call, and Marshalls.
  5. Yup lots of fakes!!! I would not buy them off of ebay if i were you!!! Department store only!!!
    The stocks them as well.
    Im a big fan!! :smile:
  6. i only buy Equipment shirts from stores. i don't recommend getting them from ebay because you'll never know if they're authentic or not.
  7. I used to live near the Equipment store in Paris.

    They sold like hot cakes, but I don't think that they're so expensive that anybody would fake them???
  8. Everything is being faked these days.

  9. That's true - my very ex boyfriend has a dodgy eBay site selling Chinese fakes of everything from t shirts upwards - but I wouldn't shop him, although he's nearly been caught several times and had to buy the real thing to stop himself getting reported.

    I can't see the point - if you want a designer name at a low price - go to an outlet store/site...
  10. thx for your input, I'm in Canada so can only get from Holt's but they never seem to go on sale for a decent price!
  11. I'm in Canada too and I usually buy them on Shopbop or Revolve when they're on sale or I can get a coupon code. I have been eyeing a few this season but I haven't bought anything new recently. I love their blouses and need to remind myself to wear them more!
  12. off the topic. has anyone tried hand-washing their Equipment silk blouses?
  13. I've just purchased (what I believe to be) a fake Zara jacket on ebay!! :shame: I guess you can never be too careful and I will think twice about ebay purchases for any brand from now on.
  14. I wash mine on cold on a 15 min cycle- the only way to get smells, deodorant marks and stains out without going to far.
    Waaay too many fakes on eBay. Buy from the official site, reliable e boutiques or shops
  15. I'm in Canada too and have gotten some great Equipment sales from Neiman Marcus, Shop Bop and Revolve - they all offer free shipping and even with the taxes/duty/brokerage, they have cost much less than at Holt's. The Canadian e-tailer, eLuxe also carries them, but I see stock is low at the moment.