1. That's the name of my gym where i work out. I take Yoga,Pilate's and Jazz there too.

    Whats the name of your gym ?
  2. Larry North Fitness!
  3. LA Fitness :smile:
  4. Equinox, baby!
  5. Midtown Athletic Club
  6. Ironworks
  7. 24 Hour Fitness
  8. Front Room.

    My front room, that is; I dance around it for an hour, two or three times a week! :biggrin:

    I can't stand all that 'going to the gym' palaver, I like the spontaneity of exercising in my own home.

    Oh and it's free (to me, anyway!)!!! :yes:
  9. Sounds good to me! as long as it gets the job done, I guess it doesn't matter where you are. plus ya cant beat the price. :biggrin:
  10. Boston Sports Club...hate them but closest one around.
  11. I work out at Equinox, too. The best gym on the planet, imo. Love it.
  12. Fitness World in Vancouver.
  13. Equinox (used to be one of the Southern Cali ones, now I work out in the SF one!) :smile:
  14. the great outdoors! I'd rather workout doing something outside. Especially since it is SO beautiful here!
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  15. Beautiful. :love: