Epsom vs. Box

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  1. Hi everyone! I know this will probably be like comparing apples and orangutans but I'd really love some input from those who have more expertise than I! I currently have two Birkins, a Sakura 30 and a Gold 35 (both in clemence) which I love, however my heart really says Kelly. As on my wish list, I have alway seen myself getting a BBK 32 or 28, preferably sellier style with gold hardware.

    My Aunt is moving out of her home and into a retirement facility and therefore downsizing her collection of luxury items (she's already given me a few scarves, my favorite being Presentation de Chevaux!!) and has offered me her epsom sellier Kelly 32, black with GHW. If I take this Kelly I probably won't add a box Kelly to my collection because they would be too similar, and definitely I wouldn't feel comfortable turning around and selling it to fund a BBK.

    To all my PFer's out there, what would you do?? :help:
  2. because its a family piece and its something that you want go for it Box is Box that is the absolute truth but...... epsom in sellier is very durable very good looking and has a very new generation feel to Hermes and the Kelly and is very important as well since its perfect eternal good taste in new and more updated quality. hoep it helps. Birkel
  3. Yes
  4. I would absolutely take your aunt's epsom kelly. The fact that it's a gift from your aunt makes it all the more special If you want box, perhaps you can get a another box kelly (like rouge H) at a later date.
  5. I prefer box to Epsom, if you were going to buy one or the other. However, in this case, a beautiful gift from your aunt is a much-better choice than getting a BBK. Epsom Sellier :smile:
  6. I would say 'Thank you very much my dearest aunt' :biggrin:

  7. [emoji106]🏻 , that's what I would say too
  8. :smile:Lucky girl.so handy to have aunts with spare Kelly bags. I love box, but Epsom is so easy for daily wear and looks younger, I think and more casual.
  9. Take the Kelly and cherish it. What a wonderful gift from one generation to the next!
  10. Kelly epsom all the way!!!! My kelly epsom is most used bag from my h collection. 🤗
  11. Thank you everyone for the responses! I think my biggest issue was that it was a sellier 32 which was exactly the size box kelly I was looking for. I think I will take my aunt up on her offer! Maybe if I am still craving box I'll do a retourne 35 or something later in life; faced with the two in front of me I think I'd still purchase box over epsom but as this is a giftI will not refuse. Again thank you all so much for the input!! :biggrin:
  12. You can always get box in another style size or color
    Your aunt bag will be a momentos heirloom
  13. While I'm with you on preferring box over Epsom, I'd take the gift in a heartbeat. You are so lucky to have such a generous aunt -- and one with beautiful things to give!
  14. I personally do not like box. I find that it is the one leather that (to my eye) doesnt work with the stitching. I feel like the seams dont work so well to my eye as with epsom, togo... the contrast of the shiny smooth leather and then the hardwear and stitching.. call me crazy but on older bags it can even look a bit like a faux bag!

    I would take the gift and enjoy the slightly more durable leather. When box gets old it can look a hot mess.. epsom ages much better. Not as good as togo and clemence but better!
  15. Lucky you. What a nice aunt to offer it to you. You should take it and you will remember her when you use it.
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