Epsom, Veau Grain Lisse and Courchevel... PICS ONLY!!!

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    Please post photos of your bags in Epsom, Veau Grain Lisse and Courchevel. Please indicate the color name, style bag, and leather of the bag you are posting.

    Please remember this is a picture only thread... NO CHATTER!!!

    Thank you!
  2. 32cm kelly, gold, sellier, epsom, ph
    Kelly 32cm sellier gold epsom ph.jpg
  3. 30 veau grain lisse dark grey ( sorry don't know the name of the color), phw
  4. Evelyne PM, Cyclamen Epsom, PHW.

    Cyclamen.jpg Cyclamen1.jpg
  5. 23cm Constance w/PH in Graphite Epsom

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    Vintage Gold VGL HAC 32CM - 1991

    HAC_corner.jpg HAC_font.jpg
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Paris-Bombay Orange Epsom PM size
  9. Bleu Jean Epsom Evelyne PM II
    Bleu Jean Clemence compared to Bleu Jean Epsom
    Graphite Epsom AZAP Long
    Gold Epsom 32cm Kelly
    Gold Epsom Notepad





    hermes9.jpg epsomvclem2.jpg azapwallet7.jpg kelly32gold4.jpg hgoldnotepad4.jpg
  10. White epsom Kelly wallet longue phw

  11. Miss Thalassa
    DSC02552.JPG DSC02554.JPG
  12. Gold epsom kelly wallet longue phw

  13. Vintage 32 HAC in Gold Courchevel from 1996
    DSC02057.JPG DSC02058.JPG DSC02059.JPG
  14. 32cm rouge VIF Kelly in courcheval
    rouge garance Bearn wallet in epsom

    Photos taken outdoors~
  15. 35 Orange Epsom Birkin with PHW and fuzzy bear ;) 1st with flash. 2nd with iphone camera in normal lighting.
    DSC02339-crop.jpg avatar.jpg