Epsom salt facial scrub

  1. I've been trying tomake the epsom salt facial scrub with cetaphil but I think I am using too much alt because it burns. Does anyone have an exact or pretty close way to measure this out so ai dont burn my face off lol. My skin has cleared, but it burns like hell sometimes!
  2. Have you tried brown sugar? :idea:

    I have roseaca so I could NEVER use salt on my face (burn the skin right off) but if your looking for a gentler scrub try b.sugar. Good luck with your perfect receipe!
  3. I find that the epsom salt grains are too big for my face. It's good for your body as a scrub, but you want something much more gentler on your delicate face skin. Try using sugar. That's high recommended for DYI face scrubs. :yes:
  4. Thanks! Im gonna trythe brown and the regular sugar and see how it works! Great idea!
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    Epsom Salt can be a bit too harsh. I prefer to mix a bit of baking soda with some liquid facial cleanser to achieve the same thing. Hands down, Baking soda is the best exfoliant EVER.
  6. hmmm baking soda... thats a great idea!!
  7. I'm gonna try all three...not all together of course lol. Thanks for the advice!