Epsom or butler for wallet


Mar 31, 2019
For a high touch item like a wallet, would you go for the durability of epsom or beauty of butler leather? I don’t collect wallets so I want something durable I will be happy with for a long time.


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Aug 31, 2008
Depends on your experience with epsom. I had a Prada saffiano wallet (Essentially epsom) that just would not die and looked great for almost too long (I really wanted another wallet, but found it so hard to justify when one was just not needed (unlike bags lol). I’ve had less good luck with Hermes epsom; and I don’t find it as durable (more prone to scratches) and I have no idea why, so if you are considering Hermes, I would pick butler. I have a box kelly longue wallet and I don’t mind scratches, and I have a feeling butler may age similarly. However, the card slots on my box wallet stick (unlike chèvre which stretched) or Prada saffiano (so there is that issue). . .
Mar 29, 2008
I’ve had an epsom Kelly wallet. The wear-and-tear was great — looked close to brand new after months of daily use. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy an epsom SLG again.

That being said, butler leather looks quite lovelier in comparison. Although I don’t have experience with butler leather, I would probably try this beautiful one.
May 30, 2020
Does anyone experience more corner wear for Epsom leather, compared to other leathers?

I have Madame calfskin that seems to get bendy/slouchy but no corner wear or scratches so far. I’m considering adding Epsom. Thanks
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May 21, 2017
I love my Epsom wallet and I think it's very durable, probably the best (most practical) leather for frequently used SLGs due to this exact reason. That being said, I'd get a butler piece in a heartbeat because it's so lovely and I'd love to see its patina. However I think it will be very scratch prone (even if they can be buffed), so I think if you prefer your wallet to look pristine / new, then definitely Epsom.

Thread on butler, if you flip to later pages there are some photos of members' bags in this leather that's been used a while. For Epsom I think you can have a pretty good idea just Googling pre-loved Epsom pieces (Butler I think is much rarer to find).
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Feb 22, 2020
My advice isn't based on practicality but looks...like @880 I had one of the Prada wallets for years and years and it wore brilliantly but I gave it away in the end because I was 'over it'
When it comes to Hermes I personally just dont like the look of Epsom-its a purely personal thing but it looks a bit 'cardboard-ish" to me and because Hermes is known for such exquisite leathers I would rather buy my SLG in something that feels luxurious to the touch and gets a patina-hang the wear and tear!
But thats just me.


Mar 31, 2019
Thanks so much everyone. This is helpful. It’s funny I am happy to collect different bags but I agonize over the wallet because I don’t want to buy more than one.