Epsom Leather

  1. Do you gals like epsom leather ??

    Its not my favourite because I found them abit 'dry' !!
    However, the plus points is its very light and slightly waterproof.

    I'd like to hear your views !! :P
  2. I was looking through HG's list on the different leathers.

    Is embossed leather 'not good' and don't age well ???

    What's your take ??
  3. I don't mind having epsom leather in small items...

    It's just my personal taste. Some people like epsom. Nothing is wrong with it. It's just personal preference.
  4. It wouldn't be my first choice but the epsom HAC I saw in SF was beautiful.:flowers:
  5. I don't like it, it doesn't "feel" right under my fingers, although it is tempting for its ease of use. I almost bought a TPM Evelyn, which I think was in Epsom but I'm glad I didn't, I would have ended up regretting it.
  6. I have not investigated epsom seriously, but do love my evergrain (also an embossed leather...LOL...I learned that from HG's leather thread) birkin.
  7. I don't hate it, I only do not like the 'dryness' !!

    Its great because its a really light leather and very water resistant !
  8. i don't have one but i would like to have a cyclamen epsom kelly or birkin....until i have one, i can then say if it's one of my fave bags or not....
  9. I would like to get a fuchsia epsom (fuchsia is really pretty in epsom) Birkin 35cm one of these days (near bottom of the list), it'll be the bag that I use for everything and everywhere if I have a little kid.
  10. I agree with aspenmartial about small items in epsom. I wore my raisin epsom mini Evelyne last night and loved it (it is always fun to rediscover bags in your closet!). But, I don't love my epsom plume quite as much. It does feel "dry" as katyc mentioned.
  11. Now you guys are making me aching for a fuchsia epsom Evelyne. Such bad influence, you all~:P
  12. does anyone know how much an epsom birkin cost?
  13. 30cm epsom birkin ~$6600
  14. thanks!