Epsom leather

  1. I'm not too familiar with Epsom. What are the advantages/disadvantages? Is it a pressed leather?
  2. It is pressed leather....I, personally am not a big fan of Epson leather. My Vespa is Epson and I find it to be light in weight but kind of thin and stiff. JMO......
  3. Epsom also holds the shape of thebag quite well as it is a more rigid leather that's why you find it in a lot of Vespas, Plumes, Evelynes and Paris-Bombay.

    Epsom also holds some colors better ... yellow for instance. I also look better with the orange shade of epsom (as it is more lighter) than togo or clemence (but I don't have an orange bag, I was just trying the different leathers/colors at the shop).
  4. I am not a big fan of this leather, it shows the scratches too easily. Give me togo, clemence, box, arden instead.
  5. I have a Cyclamen Kelly in this leather and I must say that I find it great, it keeps the shape very well and the color is deeper. Also mines has not scratched at all and I'm very clumbsy.

    I have a Bearn in this color as well and it still looks brand new and no scratches!!!
  6. I'm not a fan, either. It's a step up from LV's Taiga leather since it's more pliable but it still has that plasticky feel that I don't really like. Many SA's I've spoken to also don't favor Epsom.
  7. I much prefer Chevre, Togo and Clemence...
  8. my kelly is epsom and i love it. it feels lighter than the togo and looks more polished since it is a more structured leather.
  9. Thanks shopmom, LaVan, hermeslady, Baggaholic, Otingocni, Greentea and theITbag for all the information and opinions!!
  10. I am not a fan of Epsom either. However, I do find that wallets (especially bearn) made in Epsom hold up for a long time because they are more scratch and water resistant in comparison to let's say, box or fjord. Just my two cents! :flowers:
  11. Oh thanks twigz...you really got me addicted to the Bearn wallets...love them and would love to see more pics!!
  12. LOL!! I'm glad you hopped on to the bandwagon!! :lol: Will post more pics when I get a chance!!
  13. I'm not a fan of epsom. I don't really like the stamped look on it. But, I still think it's beautiful. Just not my first choice.
  14. Thanks twigz...this addiction is awful!!
  15. Hi does anyone know when they started producing this leather?
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