Epsom leather - love it or hate it?

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  1. i'm being approached for an epsom 35 birkin.

    i understand that epsom is rigid, how rigid though?
    the SA said she doesn't like rigid, but when she saw it, she actually liked it and was surprised (she's worked with me before, so no b.s'ing here).

    how does epsom take color?

    any other things you can tell me after some wear?
  2. hi babyhart!

    what color is the epsom? i have a 35 in black epsom. i LOVE it!!! i have a blue jean epsom bearn and when the SA said it was in epsom i was excited cos i like the bearn. it's fairly scratchproof and water resistant. i lucked out cos i didn't really do too much research before i got it and it's rigid which i love and lightweight! i know some members here aren't really epsom fans which i wasn't aware of before i got mine. i've had it a month and it's still rigid. no batwings yet. and since it's black, i think the color is nice :smile:

    i've heard other colors are lighter in epsom. someone here just got a cyclamen epsom birkin, i can't remember who though :blush:

    let us know what you think! i'm an epsom fan!
  3. I think many colors look lovely in epsom. I also like the leather if you care for a more rigid look. I have heard from many people they like how it handles scratces, wear, and weather.
  4. I am surprised how great the 'brown' colours look in Epsom. Gold or Cognac for instance look really yummy.
  5. [​IMG]

    Look how pretty epsom looks in cyclamen (photo courtesy of our lovely member, Frenchiefan)
  6. i think, the epsom colors are so bright and lovely and i love it!
  7. i'm being offered a deep forest green with PH. i like that the epsom is lightweight. i love clemence but i'm looking for a lightweight bag especially in the 35. my SA had offered me something in swift the other day which she didn't like, and the other was this birkin in vert olive (i think that was the name). she said it's very chic, esp with the PH.

    is it as rigid as Vachee Liegee?
  8. i actually like epsom too!! i know some people say it looks plasticky but i think it looks fine in certain colors!
  9. I like Epsom in white, for its stain-resistance. Otherwise, I am not a fan, but I reckon you should go and have a feel and a look........you may like it!
  10. I'm not sure about Epsom in a Birkin as I haven't seen one IRL, but I really love how Epsom looks in the Kelly. Handled a Blue Jean 35cm Kelly and it was just lovely! Paler than BJ in other leathers-like an ice blue.
  11. i love epsom in white because it does not get dirty as easily as other leathers. Although many members feel that epsom has this plastic feel to it, but i really don't mind.
  12. Pretty similar, babyhart.
  13. At the risk of saying something unpopular...
    I do not like epsom nearly as much as other H leathers. I agree with the "plasticky" characterization and although the colors may be terrific, the texture and hand of the leather do not appeal to me.
  14. Well, Pepper you are not alone. I feel the same BUT I do recommend that you see and feel it, BABYHART for yourself because many, many women LOVE this leather. It takes color well, it holds up well, it's lighter in weight than some other leathers and is really made for the long haul.
  15. i agree the white epsom is just awesome. so...fresh! but i'd never get a white hermes bag, i'd be too scared to carry it!

    i saw a thalessa blue epsom bearn today, it was lovely! i like thalessa blue but had never seen one in real life. it's a bit darker than the blue jean. i saw the brighton blue in chevre for a bearn, and though it's a nice blue, the bearn just didn't do it for me. i guess i'm not a big fan of chevre.