epsom leather kelly

  1. hi!
    i have an oportunity to buy a 32cm epsom gold leather kelly ph. i have not seen this bag in person yet, before i tell her to show me the bag i want to know what you guys think.
    i keep hearing mixed reviews. she wants $4500 for it. it is in great condition.
    i am not familiar with prices in this leather.
  2. ~ condition?
    ~ year it was made?
    ~ sellier or retourne?​
  3. year j
    almost new
    she wants another bag so she is parting with this one
  4. It really depends on the condition of the bag.
    Also, how comfortable you are with a 32 sellier. I saw one yesterday in person (the bag you describe, but with gold hardware) and it was majestic and suited the owner to a T. Personally though, I can't do 32 sellier.
  5. hi rojicoco!

    I just bought an identical kelly last month at the Hermes boutique in Hong Kong and absolutely love it!

    here she is...I hope it helps :flowers:
    Kelly 32cm sellier gold epsom ph.jpg
  6. Stunning bag rox!!
  7. Have you seen Epsom leather ?
    Some love it and some do not like it at all. I think your decision hinges around whether Epsom is your first choice of leather.
  8. i've never seen it in person but rox's kelly looks beautiful. i always heard mixed reviews about this leather that is why i wanted your opinion. everyone has always been such great help around here.
    thank you guys
  9. I've got your bag in a bit smaller (28) and natural (less brown underneathe) and I love it to bits. It walks around the most with me, hands down.

    I love Epsom, but others do feel differently. It's scrathresistent, durable, light, and quite the lady for being so tough! BUt it generally isn't regarded as having a soft hand, it is really more structured. I think that makes it nicer for Selliers, though.

    In the end, you have to decide how important look vs. feel is to you. I have an Epsom wallet that has softened nicely but still holds it's shape well. Good luck! :tup: