Epsom leather get softer?

  1. Does epsom leather gets softer when you use it for a while?
    Hope so.....I just got my new birkin in epsom and it's too stiffy:crybaby:
  2. I'm not sure that it gets really soft. I've had mine for almost a half year now and it is still standing tall!
  3. Congrats Costa! A new Birkin? Yay! I'm sure it will loosen up a little bit over the years.
  4. Thanks Lavan, I like it standing tall. Just i feel it too dry and wander if it gets more leather like. If the leather gets smoother.
    I'm soooo sad. I'm afraid I didn't get my dream leather:crybaby:
    Thanks orchids....hope so...:crybaby:
  5. Oh Costa...I really hope the Epsom grows on you; everytime I look at LaVan's black Epsom, I feel like I have to get one! It's so beautiful! I felt the same way about my Chevre Rouge H 30cm when I first received it. B/c it was stiff and didn't pudge out on the sides like Togo it made it even smaller than it appeared and looked funny when the sides poked out. But 4 years later, it has loosened up a bit and looks a bit more natural, and I love it.
  6. Thank you Orchids!!
    My Kelly is in chevre and I understand what you say, but the feeling of the two leather is different. Epsom is kind of "cold" while chevre is more natural even if stiffy.
    And Epsom is sooo light. I know it could be a good thing, but I like a bit havier purses.
  7. I like epsom because its light and rigid !

    Its the total opposite of clemence !

    Chevre will still be my favourite leather because I love the grain and the sheen ! PLUS its light and rigid !

    I want my bags to hold its shape :wlae:
  8. Costa, first of all, congrats on your new Birkin! Which size and colour is it? I think you will start to love it if you give it a little time. At first I wasn't really into stiff leathers like epsom (coming off a Balenciaga soft/smooshy phase) but I'm now really warming to them. I love that epsom is light and holds it shape well. My clemence Birkin is relatively quite slouchy and the more I use it, the more slouchy it is. One day years to come, it will just fall in a heap, I reckon, lol!

    I really adore LaVan's black epsom Birkin. It is a thing of true beauty! I hope you will give your epsom Birkin a chance. If you prefer heavier purses, hey why don't weigh it down with some thick mags, lol! J/k!:graucho:
  9. It's a a rouge garanche 30 PW. You are probably right...I have to get used to it. By now I have put it back in the box :crybaby: .I'm not ready for it yet.
  10. That sounds just beautiful! Costa, how bout you take a few pics and let us decide? I think this was ChloeSS' dream bags.. I believe there's a thread recently where she was so excited her bf found her a rouge (not sure which) epsom 30 Birkin, tho I think she's waiting for another lady to decide on it first as she had first dibs.
  11. Yeah, post pics Costa, I'm in search of a red Birkin, and I'd love to see R. Garance in Epsom....I have a Birkin and a Kelly in Courchevel ( like Epsom, now discontinued) and they have got a bit softer with time....
  12. Here it is!
    birkin 309.jpg birkin 327.jpg birkin 328.jpg birkin 332.jpg birkin 333.jpg
  13. some more
    birkin 337.jpg birkin 340.jpg birkin 341.jpg
  14. Gorgeous, Costa! What a beautiful Birkin!!
  15. Costa, she's gorgeous! Wonderful red Birkin! I don't think she looks too stiff. In fact I do like a bit more structure to the Birkin now. My 30 is clemence and it's kinda floppy so I'm going after a chevre de coromondel for my next to achieve some stiffness, lol! If you feel that the epsom is kinda "cold", why not play around a bit by dressing her up with a twilly or pocket square.:smile: