Epsom.. how does it age? Pictures please

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Jun 27, 2014
Sorry if this has been asked before. I could only find a pic of 3 year old epsom birkin here. I am really curious to see more pictures of how this leather will age. Mods please help me find existing threads if there is any. Thank you.


Jan 17, 2009
hmmm no pictures yet but epsom ages in a way i personally do not like first it develops a sheen i hate thios also happens on clemence. and it also becomes bumpy. you get a large bump in the center of the bag Kelly birkin. and the sides get creases the effect is close to wet cardboard to me. and also the color on corners fades. oldest epsom i have seen is a freinds blue jean birkin i would say 7 years old 9 tops compared to my sisters togo 2004 blue jean birkin. well lets just say epsom does not look good and my DHs wallets have lost color and corners peel as oposed to the same use on alligator and evercalf i cant justify epsom.hope it helps birkel.

all this said on sellier kellys its a nice effect because of how rigid they can be but on 35cm and 40cm birkins and kellys retourne........ odd look birkin 30cm and 25cm its better still i do not love it.
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