Epsom birkin

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  1. hi guys. I'm a newbie to Hermes. Hoping you guys can help. I've been lucky enough to be offered a b30 in rose Jaipur. It's in Epsom leather. Is it. A good leather? What r the drawbacks? Thx,
  2. Gorgeous color in that leather
    Epsom takes color in the most intense way
    And it will be lighter
  3. I can believe I am saying this. But I love Rose Jaipur in Epsom ! You are sooooo lucky !!!
  4. There are a lot of threads on Epsom. Some love it, some hate it. I fall in the latter category :P as it feels plasticky to me, and I like a soft hand to my bags but it WILL be saturated color and very lightweight. I'd see and touch it and make the call if you love it.
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  5. This was exactly how I felt before. I passed several bags in Epsom. When my SA mentioned about RJ in Epsom, I wasn't interested in even looking at it. She convinced me to just take a look and try to feel the bag. I did and I a hooked. Somehow the one I tried didn't feel plastic like at all. It is not rigid like cardboard and the color is just beautiful. It certainly felt different from previous Epsom I checked out. So my suggestion is to take a look and go from there.
  6. All h are good leathers
    All leathers will scratch and scruff eventually

    Big price tag
    Not healthy for bank account

    Most importantly
    Do you like rj
    Will you use rj
    Are you looking for b30
    Are you looking at structure or relax b
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  7. Yes, I totally agree. Epsom does vary. I recently gave advice to a woman at my local store who was considering a K35 Epsom sellier (black GHW and YES she was offered as a walk-in with zero H history or knowledge). The bag was lovely and quite soft and was an absolute MUST (she took it). Even DH, who absolutely detests Epsom (he is a Barenia guy), admitted it was gorgeous.
    I worry about Epsom ageing badly or scratching as the leather is embossed, but only longtime Epsom owners can speak to that.
    No one can tell you what your taste will be, so go see the bag (or buy it if it's a reseller and returnable).
  8. Thanks guys! I'm going to look at it (cross fingers) Saturday. I guess I was hoping for Togo because I have an Epsom Evelyne
  9. Hermes is sure pumping out the Epsom leather goods....I can't believe an Evelyne is even made in this leather. I think my Evelyne bags are Clemence and are soft and smooshy and I love that.
    Several people have been offered Epsom Birkins on this forum recently which sounds like a lot at once. Someone was saying in another thread that this leather is cheaper to make and boosts profit margins. Interesting.
  10. I have noticed the very same thing but have never expressed it here. A lot of bags in RC Epsom. Beautiful color ( I was offered a birkin in this leather/ color) but I could just not bring myself to love it so I passed. RC clemence is TDF and I'm grateful to have waited.
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  11. For me i can't do clemence or swift as i don;t like slouch and believe me I have tried to love swift but even my kelly cut in black swift tends to flop inwards...so I go with structure and the leathers for me are togo, epsom and chevre. You should definitely check it out and see how you personally feel about the leather and color. I personally own a rose jaipur kelly in epsom and its a bright happy bag!
  12. Oh nice! Can we see a pic?
  13. Yes, I remember one year ago, people were complaining about the dearth of RC bags and discussing whether the colour would be rested with the introduction of two seasonal reds. Now it seems to be one of the most available colours (as far as H bags are available). I still need to look at my new RC epsom B under normal lighting to see if it will stun me. Under my yellow dim room lighting, it looks very deep and dark and not as impressive as it did in the store.
  14. This is my epsom sellier Kelly 32 in RJ! Love it so much!


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  15. My newest SO Birkin is in Epsom. in general, I'm not a great fan of Epsom. When placing my order, I was told that Epsom is the leather that reflects bright colors best, while other leathers make colors look a bit dull. Well, I took the plunge and I am very happy with my new baby. It is lightweight and I like how it holds its shape. I'm not a friend of slouchy bags, especially Birkins or Kellys.
    Check it out in the store and let us know on how you decide! Hope you like it and it will go home with you!
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