Epsom Anyone?

  1. Hunting for information on epsom. What can you share?

    Is it heavy?
    Can you describe it-maybe compare to togo or clemence?
    Slouch factor?
    How do colors take?
    Do you like it?

    Any of the above you can share.

    please state if you have a bag and if the picture is posted, so I can go see it. Thank you.
  2. Is it heavy? no
    Can you describe it-maybe compare to togo or clemence? embossed leather with a small, flat, angular grain
    Durability? supposedly pretty good, but not exactly long-lasting like box
    Scratch-wise? scratch resistant because of the grain
    Slouch factor? fairly rigid
    How do colors take? takes colors very well, you'll see a lot of bright colors done in this leather
    Do you like it? no, see below
    Positives/Negatives? it looks like plastic to me

    Disclaimer: The above comment is the author's personal opinion. Please don't flame her if you are a lover of epsom.
  3. hermesgroupie, I am so glad you are being 100% honest. If anyone is upset they need to understand everyone just has an opinion...like it or not. Some of us need to learn more from members who know a great deal. I thank you!

    By the way, what is your favorite leather for birkins if you don't mind me asking?
  4. i have to agree with hermesgroupie yes it has a plasticky feel to it to some but not to me i just love it cause it holds colour perfectly (even though they tend to be a tad lighter on it i am a sucker for blue jean in epsom cause it is a really really light blue then ) and it is quite rigide.
    i totally love it but for different reasons than other leathers it is more of an eye beauty than a feel beauty ;)

    ah and i am quite sure la vans birkin is epsom as well as baggaholics cyclamen kelly
  5. Kellybag:

    My Bearn wallet is Epsom. I agree with HG that it is kinda of plastic looking but I like it and the wallet doesn't show any scratches despite the fact that it is being tossed around in my bags and handled everyday.

    LaVan's Paris Bombay is Epsom and there are pictures of it in the members thread.

    And here is a whole thread on Epsom
  6. Is it heavy? Heavier than Chevre
    Can you describe it-maybe compare to togo or clemence? Squarish grain
    Durability? Not sure, don't own one ... have held several epsom accessories and bags though
    Scratch-wise? Anti-scratch
    Slouch factor? Pretty rigid
    How do colors take? IMO, tends to look lighter ... Fuchsia definitely looks lighter!
    Do you like it? Not really ...
    Positives/Negatives? It looks and feels plasticky and dry, and that was why I once passed on a fuchsia epsom rigid Kelly 32cm, didn't regret it at all
  7. Ok....you have to add me to the "I'm Not A Big Fan Of Epsom" and my Vespa is Epsom. In fact I had an opportunity to buy a Birkin from the Boyz at LZ and passed simply because the leather being Epsom....to me it just doesn't have a nice hand to it and is stiff.

    ....i'm sorry, guys.....don't shoot me before I leave for Las Vegas please......
  8. no why it is your opinion and i do understand it also. in fact my manager always asks me if i am really liking epsom apparently it is the least loved leather either by the customer or the SA´s :lol:
  9. My new zip wallet is epsom - I love it! I don't know about a kelly or birkin for for this accessory I love it - esp. in cyclamen - beautiful color! Can you see I'm in love!! With a wallet no less lol!!
  10. Another one that's not a huge Epson fan. I like the way lilach described it as an eye beauty more than a feel beauty. :smile:
  11. I saw a 25cm Birkin in potiron in epsom and I loved it. They also had a 35cm Kelly blue jean rigide that I hated! Go figure? I thought the Kelly looked like a fake and told them so. I said that if it weren't for the fact that it was sitting on a shelf in the BH Hermes boutique I would never believe it was real!!! On the whole, I'm getting the vibe that this leather will not stand the test of time.
  12. Another nay for Epsom. Never liked the artificial stamped leathers, no matter how superior they are to those of other brands.
  13. oh i found one plus for epsom if you consider a white bag and are afraid of stains etc do it in epsom as it won´t get that easily dirty as a clemence for example
  14. Never thought of that Lilach, but you are probably correct.
  15. Is epsom the only artificially stamped leather?