epsom? anyone love?

  1. torn about this leather..........:shrugs:
  2. Hi Hermesaholic, if you do a search on Epsom, you should be able to get lotsa info about it.
  3. I originally wasn't crazy about it, but I really like firm bags that hold their shape. There is no flopping, "batwings" or sluggish looking bags in epsom.

    It's also a very durable leather...my Birkin wipes down easy and always looks clean.

    I love how vibrant rouge garance looks in epsom. I am definately a convert.
  4. I love Epsom in small leather goods.
    Very easy to take care of and sturdy.
  5. Japster: i posted yesterday-I bought a rouge garance epsom 32HAC BUT i am seriously thinking of returning it. the leather is soooooooo stiff but i adore the color.........i think the color of the red in the epsom is astonishing in this leather. (actually found it harsh in clemence)......much prettier than in the other leathers...more subdued. Really torn.:shrugs:
  6. i've always thought poor epsom wasn't appreciated -- it takes color beautifully, can go out in the rain (though do try to skip biblical deluges), keeps its shape, wears beautifully and is nice and light. some people describe it as feeling 'plasticky', but i find it very similar to chevre -- including in the 'hand'
  7. I used to dislike it but have recently become a convert to its many positive qualities.

    Including its durability. Yesterday my epsom bag had a little red wine bath, but wiped down beautifully without a trace.
  8. Epsom in Blue Jean is like sky blue, SO PRETTY! And Japster's & La Van's epsom Birkins are beautiful:heart: !

    But, I personally don't prefer epsom for my bags. However, my mom loves her Birkin in epsom to do errand and when she needs worry-free bag. She said that it's like army truck: very strong & durable, in shape all the time, water proof...so, basically she said epsom is indestructive & STRONG like army truck:graucho: ! Among her regular leather Birkins, epsom seems to show least signs of wear. Yes! She agrees that epsom feels dry and she wishes epsom was natural grain (it's embossed grain, right?) like togo, clemance, chevre...etc.

    I don't mind having small leather good in epsom but I still prefer other leather for small goods as well...

    (but if an epsom Birkin like Japster's come by at Hermes, I would snatch it up in nanosec!:p heehehe...)
  9. what about corners? i feel the epsom bumps wear off?
  10. I don't see myself actually falling for it,
    but it does have some very outstanding qualities, as DQ described above.

    Nevertheless I do own an H-belt, which I originally purchased because of its chartreuse clemence backside, and that just happened to have cyclamen epsom in the front.
    I now find that it's probably one of the best leathers for day-to-day usage. :yes:
  11. Yes, it does! I mean any leather would have wear off corners eventually...it's unavoidable...
  12. Hermesaholic, I am too.....a friend purchased the most beautiful Hermes Bearne in Epsom recently and it was just the softest most beautiful thing.
  13. I have a vintage Courcheval Kelly, which is epsom's predecessor and the corners look great. I personally feel the corners on ANY leather can get damaged if you don't take care of the bag.

    I really disslike how people bad talk epsom on this forum. It gets a little insulting to her people talk about how "plasticy" epsom is all the time and I've been guilty of buying into the stigma myself.
  14. Epsom isn't my favorite leather, but it has its good points. And it takes on certain colors magnificently like cognac - cognac epsom is TDF!
  15. In the right color and style/size bag, I think epsom is lovely! I like vibrant colors (like blue jean, cyclamen) and black and white - makes the bag look very hip. :supacool: I like epsom less in natural colors for some reason. :shrugs: