Epitation help

  1. Hi every one I'm a newbie and have started epilating for the first time for the past two months,my problem is i seem to get ingrowing hairs on my legs.Im exfoliating as instructed and moisturise every night, but the problem still returns.Am i doing some thing wrong????:confused1:
    thanks jobaby:heart:
  2. hi hun,
    my only recommendation is to keep exfoliating; it's the hair not breaking through the surface that causes the ingrowing.

    also, make sure you're not moisturising with a heavy cream; perhaps the moisturiser is building up in the empty pores and forming "plugs". perhaps try a very light lotion for a while?

    and there're products for ingrowns available; they're basically AHA/BHAs, exfoliating acids that you spot-apply.

    as you epilate more, the hairs will regrow finer, so this problem should get less. if you've been shaving, the hairs will be quite coarse for awhile, so keep at it!
    hth =)