Epi's - authentic or duplicated

  1. I was wondering if Epis are dups as much as say the monogram and other bags. they have a unique look to them so I was wondering what anyone's experience has been or if you have heard.

    If I purchase from another seller otherthan boutique.

  2. I have seen many fake epis on Ebay. It may not be faked as much as mono and etc., but it is faked.
  3. Everything LV make, fakers always try to fake it..it's not as much as mono but yes fake epi do exist. I saw some at Ebay..so shiny and plastic looking..
    If you are planning to buy something but not sure about its authenticity, please post it here so we can help you (Authentication thread).
  4. I agree, be very careful and like bagsnbags said, we can help you and btw this is my favorite LV line.
  5. I think Epi bags are faked just as much as monograms, and people fall for them too just because IMO a lot of buyers are only aware of the monogram bags...to be honest, I'd really have to ask to tell whether an epi bag is real or not.
  6. I think every so often I get wowed by on-line auctions etc.

    I know myself, I won't be happy unless I have a good shopping experience and end up prancing out of the boutique with the shopping bag.

    Onward ! to find my Croisette Epi in the colour I desire !:love:
  7. I haven't seen it as faked as other pieces. I especially don't see anyone with fake Epi's since the fakes they DO make are fairly easy to spot. It might be more prominent in some places but I never see any fake Epi's here.
  8. Yes I have seen fakes, in most colors but not myrtille for some reason....another reason to love this beautiful blue!
  9. Yes, faked...and much harder to spot than fake monogram or Damier...especially if you are dealing with Ebay. I would say most of the Epi on there at this point is fake. I wouldn't go near it unless it is from Elux, LV or MPRS.
  10. Epis are definitely faked... As other posters have said, it's hard to tell authenticity from pictures. Maybe pics of the hardware will help.
  11. Everything is faked. Just make sure that you get it from the store or you get lots of LV experts' opinions on it.
  12. I've seen a faked green wallet at Narita Airport. They are showcasing fake & real stuff to explain to people that they aren't allowed to import fake stuff...