Epiphany: I'd rather be on my fave site: tPF, in a warm cuddly bathrobe, sipping hot

  1. cont.

    ....chocolate, and reading all these wise words about HANDBAGS and more from all you wonderful ladies than going on some crappy date with some crappy guy. These feelings came about as I checked the time and realized it was 9:35 on Saturday and I was on tPF. I felt kinda bad about myself, like I could..or should..be doing something else. Then I realized, hey, im comfy, happy, on my fave site, and talking to all you great gals.

    About the dating thing...I have admittedly wasted a lot of my time going out with subpar men who arent worth my time...I did so becuase I wanted to "be out and about on a friday or saturday night"

    The bottom line: I'd rather be doing what Im doing right now.

    Also, the right man (or the right men LOL) will come when they come. When they do, I might consider going out with them instead of going out with tPF.

  2. I think you've made a wise choice. :tup: I'd rather be doing something I enjoy, whatever that may be, than hanging out with losers because I feel obligated to be "doing something" on the weekends.
  3. Lol. I have a wonderful man so I can't attest to that...but I would rather be on the forum instead of upgrading servers for my job at 6:00 am (waiting on a reboot right now ;)). But then again....that is what pays for the bags I learn about on the forum so....I guess it must continue. But I agree with you...you should do what you enjoy. Life is much too short!
  4. smart girl...
  5. Hey, I love my bags and I love this site. Material things will never let you down. They are what they are. Even if they break they are only material things and that is what they are supposed to do. Now people??

    Kidding aside... don't spend time worrying about Mr. Right. Be happy with you and everything else will fall into place. A few good bags along the way can only help!;)
  6. I like your thinking :}
  7. I think we all agree with your thinking....because we're all probably doing the same :yes:
  8. That is a great thought! The more you start doing things that you enjoy doing, the happier you become. The happiness you exude will attract happy, stable men and other friends.
  9. Good decision......

    I had made up my mind years ago that I was going to be single all my life. I was tired of dating, and wasting my time. I was quite happy to stay home, read, watch movies, do needlework, keep my own schedule, cook great meals and freeze half of it. And I was very happy!

    Then when I was least expecting it, some guy came along and messed it all up. It's 12 years later, and we are still together. He just bought me a Fendi Squirrel Spy bag for my 48th birthday.......so I guess he's a keeper.

    Enjoy being single while you can!!!!