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  1. Has anyone used them here are they any use :yes:Does the hair growth stay away long ?
  2. I have the Emjoi Epilator and I really like it. I use it on my legs and arms (Italian-dark hair). The hair stays away for about two weeks. I like it because it doesn't pull your skin like waxing and I can do it at home while watching TV.
  3. I use Philips Satin Ice epilator and I really like it. It's just like waxing cause all the hair gets pulled off at the roots, so I use it maybe every three or four weeks. I only use it on my legs cause it hurts too much to do my underarms.
  4. I started using the Braun silk epil two weeks ago and it works really well! I read many good reviews about it so I went ahead and purchased it at Target. It does hurt at first but i've gotten used to it but i havent dared using it on my bikini area tho. I would definitely recommend this one! It has different setting for beginners-pros and it also has a smart light built in which makes it a lot easier to see the hairs.
  5. i've been thinking to get one for ages :smile:. one question: the epil need some hair so that it can grab and remove from our body, do u all just avoid wearing short skirts for example when waiting to use the epil on the leg?
  6. I use the philips satin ice on my legs also, i only got it last month beacuse i usually wax, it has lasted 3-4 weeks like waxing but i think it's better because it doesnt take any skin (ie tan) of your legs and it's cheaper, it does hurt but the Satin ice has an ice pack thing on the end and it really helps with the pain, also everyone i know who uses them says the pain does get easier and your hair starts to grow back finer and theres less of it after a while
  7. I've been thinking of getting one for a long while now, but I don't know much about it.

    1. Does it hurt? Will I cry? lol
    2. How long does the hair take to grow back?
    3. How long does the hair have to be before you can use the epil again?

    Thanks :biggrin:
  8. 1. yes it does hurt, but apparently the pain get's better every time you use it, it did bring a tear to my eye!
    2. I did mine for the first time just under 3 weeks ago and there isn't any regrowth yet
    3.The good thing is it doesn't have to be very long at all, it gets out even the smallest hairs

  9. I have been using an epilator for years. ( I use a Braun, and i have had it for like 6 years atleast!) I dont use it all the time but its great when i do use it. I only really use it on my legs, its not as painful as waxing imo and much easier to use and less messy and it doesnt take long to do. The pain does get better the more you use it, and the hair regrowth is pretty much as if you had waxed the area.
  10. I've used these before I can do self waxing but these things I just can't do it hurt like crazy! I even got someone else to help I told them "no matter what I say just keep going" within a minute I was begging for mercy!!
  11. I'm addicted to it now, it really doesn't hurt all that much once I'm about 10 minutes into it...its just mainly a sting. It takes me over an hour to do both legs, anyone else take this long?
  12. I only do from my knees down with the epi, and it takes about 15 - 20 mins for both legs.

  13. Sounds like I'm a slow poke! I try to get every single hair so I dont have to shave over it occasionally. Has anyone had problems with ingrown hairs? I heard that happens a lot?!
  14. i used a braun for a long time.... didn't really hurt much for me and mind you, i hate injections and i'm not good with pain....

    unfortunately for me, i think my hair regrwoth is pretty quick so i'm fine for 1 week only....

    i heard the philips one is better. haven't tried it yet. might consider.

    much cheaper than waxing!!!
  15. thanks everyone going to purchase one tomorrow :smile: