Epihelp! Epihelp!

  1. Who knows how the epi is made?
    The waves are leather or synthetic?
    How is made the treatment ?
    Thank you so much:smile::smile:
  2. The design is pressed into the leather I believe. I read it on the vuitton website somewhere a while back.
  3. Found nothing... epihelp!
  4. The Epi bags are all leather. There is no synthetic leather on them. I believe the leather is "sealed" in that way that most other shoes and bags are to protect from water damage, and staining. The epi leather is pretty tough and you should just be able to clean it with damp/soapy cloth. It will stain however, if you put pen or something like that on it.
  5. I Believe that they use a machine that almost like a roller...and rolls on the Cowhide Leather until it reaches the EPI texture..I saw it on the Video they used to have on Vuitton.com before they replaced with the new one on Leather Goods..