Epidural question

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  1. I have heard that epis can wear off before pushing begins (I do know that they turn it down for pushing :wtf:) because women get them too early. How do you know what too early is, since labor can last for hours and hours?
  2. My girlfriends have mentioned that they have a pump to push if they need more if it starts to wear off. I guess if you don't push the button it could wear off.
  3. Most of the time they will not let you get one until you are past 4 cm, because any earlier than that can cause labor to stall.
  4. Actually, you can get an epidural as soon as you are committed to labor. This means that you plan on having the baby during the hospital stay one way or another. (unless of course you are admitted long term for preterm labor). But this is either when you are in active labor, or if you being induced, or if your water has broken. As as result, epidurals can be done even if you are just 1 cm! Most of the time, it is not, because most women don't hurt that badly when they are at 1cm.

    Epidurals are a continuous infusion that will last the duration of your labor. Epidurals can run for 24-36 hours if necessary. They seem to lose their effectiveness if they go on longer than a day, but some work great for over 30 hours. It is theorectically possible to be at increased risk of infection if they are left in that long, but that hasn't been proven.

    Epidurals have only been proven to slow down the second stage of labor. That is the stage where you are fully dilated at 10cm to actually delivery. Women often consider this the 'pushing stage'. It has been shown to possible slow that stage down a max of 30 minutes, which is not very much in the grand scheme of things. It doesn't slow down active labor at all. Once the uterus is in active labor, it is pretty much autopilot and none of the nerves that the epidural numbs up has any effect on contraction strength and frequency. Whether it slows down early labor is up for debate because that stage is so variable anyways.

    hope that helps.
  5. Oh, and whether or not the epidural wears off at the end of labor depends on the philosophy of your OB or midwife.
    I always tell women that women that are paralyzed from the waist down are able to give birth vaginally. So that proves the numbness from the epidural doesn't prevent you from pushing the baby out. However, many midwives and OB's find that it is more difficult for women to push when their legs are weak, so they will turn down the epidural in order for them to regain their strength. (but that results in the return of the pain) There are some OB's that don't request the epidural be turned down. They believe that a woman can be coached to push out the baby despite being numb, and they will leave the epidural on. A lot of these women have painfree deliveries, but it can take a little longer....
  6. ^^Yes. I had a painfree delivery. My epidural was not turned down. It only took 15 mins to get the baby out. I loved the epidural!! I napped for about 4 hours before they said it was time to push. It was great!

    They started the pitocin at 2am. I was 1 cm. At 8am they broke my water. At 10 am I got the epidural. At 4:45pm I started pushing and she was born at 5pm on the dot!
  7. ^^^

    Wow! That sounds like a great labor and delivery story!
  8. i've been told that you can't get one past 6 cm...and then my last doctor said as long as there is time you can get one at any point...even 9 cm.

    i was completely numb during both of mine. it wore off on one side for my sister and a friend of mine. so they were numb on one side and not on the other. so i suggest that you talk to your doctor about how it works at the hospital were she delivers at.
  9. I got both epidurals when I was almost 8cm! Napped before I woke up and felt I had to push. It was great!
  10. Well...I had one of the Epis that wore off. I got my Epi at 5 cm right after they broke my water. Having the Epi was great for about 4hours and then it wore off and I could feel everything again despite the Dr topping me off on anesthesia.....I didnt have a pump to push myself--maybe that makes a difference.
  11. I nearly got one at 10cm! I was stuck at 10cm for a few hours (cervical lip in the way) and was so tired and weak that I begged for an epi. As I was being prepped for one, baby decided she was going to make her move on down so I ended up not getting it.
  12. I almost missed my epidural too but I did get one. I remember a nurse asking my nurse why I didnt have my epidural yet (My nurses fault) & then saying if the anesthesiologist didnt get there in the next few minutes I would be out of time. I dont remember feeling any pain whatsoever pushing her out which was pretty quick but I did feel stitches being put in that sucked.
  13. Thanks for all of the info ladies!!!
  14. I had my epidural at about 5 1/2 cm. And it started to ware off when I was in labor (actually pushing) and it took me about 2 hours to push out my DS.
    It did make pushing more difficult :yes:
  15. What is this "epidural" you speak of? :roflmfao: Never had time for one.